Friday, July 29, 2011

Levi Austin: Three Months

How is it that we are already at three months??! I really wish time would slow down!! Not much has changed since last month.
So three months you are...
* Sleeping through the night!! You take your last bottle around 9:00 and sleep until 6:00...mommy and daddy are very appreciative!!
*You are still eating around 6 ozs. every four hours. Your morning bottle you take 7 ozs!
*You are trying to sit up all on your own! Why is it that both my boys want to do things early!!??
* You have excellent head control!! We are about to get you a Bumbo chair!!
*You love to "stand" on people's lap when they hold you! You are supporting your weight good!

*You love to "watch" your brother! You will watch him and follow him with your eyes!

*You are in size one diapers still and you are wearing anywhere from size 3 to 6 months clothes, depending on the brand!

I love love love this picture of you! Your daddy gets you smiling all the time!!
You are the sweetest little thing! You are growing way too fast and in a couple short weeks you will be starting daycare in the very same room your brother started in. Oh my!!

Happy 3 Months Little Man!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Welcome Baby Claire

Well I finally have a sweet little girl to love on!!! My first niece arrived three weeks early at 11:24 on July 25th!! Her name is Claire Cantu!! She has a head full of dark hair and looks like her big bro Coen!!
 I can't wait to get to Houston to hold her!!! Congrats Holly, Charlie, and Coen!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

My Little Dare Devil

Lane is my little dare devil! Yesterday we were at the mall picking up some soccer gear, when we came upon a bungee trampoline thingy. I kinda jokingly said "Oh Lane you wanna do that?" I expected him to say no, but he said yes! So we  paid, got in line and waited for his turn! Paul and I thought for sure he would watch the kids and change his mind! But oh no...he sat patiently and watched the kids in front of him with awe...

Then it was his turn!! He was such a big boy!! He climbed right on up and let the man buckle him in!

Ready to start jumping!

From the minute he started, his smile never left his face!!

Going high...

A little higher...

The first time he went this high he just started laughing out was so cute!!

He loved it!! I was so proud that he didn't get scared at all!! Now let's hope this isn't at the mall every time we go!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Cooling Off

Ugh.  This heat is literally unbearable this summer. I hate being stuck indoors so much, but with a two month old it's hard to go do outdoor activities! The Saturday of the 4th we didn't have anything going on and wanted to get out of the house, so I suggested we go to Highland Village to a little splash park. So that's what we did. After grabbing lunch at The Blue Goose (yum) we changed Lane into his swim shorts and let him run wild!!! On the other side there is a Ben n Jerry's with a covered "patio" where we set with the baby. Lane had a blast!

 After playing we had to get some ice cream!

Levi was a trooper! He of course slept through most of it!

There is also a Barnes and Noble right there, so after a trip in to get Lane a new train book....he made it all of two seconds in the car before he passed out!!

It was a fun afternoon and I need our city to put one of these splash parks in!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The 4th...Finally!

I'm finally getting around to posting about our 4th!! We had a pretty low key fourth this year. We spent it at my grandparents' house in Arlington! We had a great time at the pool for most of the day, then we cleaned up and went to dinner at Chuy's, then finished the day out with fireworks!
Here is a pic of the boys in their matching shirts!!

And an "outake"...Levi wasn't feeling this one, ha! He looks a little scared!

Here's Paul, Papa and Lane enjoying the pool

Levi even got in the pool for the first time. I wasn't really planning on it, and didn't even have a swimming suit for him, but it was so hot that I thought why not!

He actually liked it! No tears at all!

Papa, Robin, and Levi

Kelly, me, and Lane

I had his carseat outside under the patio with a damp towel on it...he crashed out in it!
Daddy and Lane having fun!

Lane literally swam from about 9 am till almost 5 that day! He is a little fish!

My sweet Levi!

Lane was not feeling the fireworks this year...I made him come out of papa's truck (where he was hiding from the fireworks) to take this pic! He was not happy about that!

And little bit slept right through the whole show!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Six Years

July 16th 2005...

Six years and two baby boys later!! Nothing is better!! Happy Anniversary's been a wonderful ride!! I love you!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter Love

Even though I am behind on my blogging....I had to do a quick post today, because, well, today is a BIG day...anyone wanna take a guess?!?! Yep that's right the last HARRY POTTER movie comes out today!! If you know me, you know I am a huge HP fan!! I can't believe that there will be no more "new" Potter books or films to look forward to, but I am looking forward to the day when I can let my boys start reading this magical series!! I have all the books waiting for them!!
So in honor of today here are a few of my favorite HP finds from Pinterest!!

Sorry Robert.....I love ya but this pic is just too funny!

And my very own little muggles!!

Happy Harry Potter Day All!! Go see it!!! And if you haven't read the series...please do!!