Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The 4th...Finally!

I'm finally getting around to posting about our 4th!! We had a pretty low key fourth this year. We spent it at my grandparents' house in Arlington! We had a great time at the pool for most of the day, then we cleaned up and went to dinner at Chuy's, then finished the day out with fireworks!
Here is a pic of the boys in their matching shirts!!

And an "outake"...Levi wasn't feeling this one, ha! He looks a little scared!

Here's Paul, Papa and Lane enjoying the pool

Levi even got in the pool for the first time. I wasn't really planning on it, and didn't even have a swimming suit for him, but it was so hot that I thought why not!

He actually liked it! No tears at all!

Papa, Robin, and Levi

Kelly, me, and Lane

I had his carseat outside under the patio with a damp towel on it...he crashed out in it!
Daddy and Lane having fun!

Lane literally swam from about 9 am till almost 5 that day! He is a little fish!

My sweet Levi!

Lane was not feeling the fireworks this year...I made him come out of papa's truck (where he was hiding from the fireworks) to take this pic! He was not happy about that!

And little bit slept right through the whole show!

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