Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Another Halloween has come and gone! With all the hustle and bustle of moving, I didn't get to decorate any for Halloween, so I've been feeling a little un-festive! Even Lane asked me about a week ago how come I didn't decorate! Oh well..that's how it goes!
Lane was super excited about today! From the very first time I asked him what he wanted to be this year for Halloween, he said a red power ranger! So that threw out my "theme costumes" for the boys...I couldn't find a baby power ranger costume anywhere! So for Levi, I decided on baby Iron Man!
The same weekend we moved, Paul's sister's family moved up to the DFW area from Houston, so they came over to trick-or-treat with us! It was super fun to have all four of them together!
This was our fast attempt at a group shot...
We busted out our wagon for the babies...with their super cute monogrammed trick-or-treat bags from Grampy and Mamby!
Levi and Claire in the sweet!
Caught in the action!
Levi grabbing some candy too!

My super cute red Power Ranger
Our local police department was out handing out glow necklaces and bags...I thought this was so neat to have them out and about.

Holly and her little ladybug Claire
After watching their big bros, the babies wanted out of the wagon and wanted to participate in the fun!

This sucker was his first piece and kept him occupied all night!

Claire too!

Mommy and her boys

Sweet brothers! Levi wanted to do everything Lane did!

Holly and I with the littles.
He seriously had the best time walking tonight, sucker in hand!
Love these two!
After the boys' bags were filled, we called it a night then went to grab dinner at The Twisted Root..then it was back home to check out Lane's stash and eat a little bit of candy!! I think he did all right! At this point Levi was passed out on the couch! He had more than enough fun!
We had a great Halloween night. Our new neighborhood was amazing! There were so many people out...such a sense of family and community!
I hope you all had a

Monday, October 29, 2012

Eighteen Months & Pumpkin Fun

This past weekend flew by. The majority of Saturday was spent setting up the playroom for the boys! We all LOVE how it turned out and can't wait to share pictures of it. I just need to put a few more things on the walls! Lane now says it's his favorite room in the house!
On Sunday we had some visitors! My Papa, Robin, and Kelly came over to see the house and to bring the boys their awesome pumpkins!!  For the past three years now (I think) Robin has made the boys some super fun pumpkins. This years' were awesome...take a look...
We have the Hulk and Mickey Mouse!!

Pretty neat huh??!!
We had fun visiting and watching the Cowboy game...the boys love playing on the stairs. And Levi is doing suprisingly well with them!

I love his sweet baby feet in this picture!

 We realized that we haven't taken any family pics in front of the new house, so we had an impromptu photo shoot!
And I can't forget that today my baby boy is eighteen months old!!! Already a year and a half...that just doesn't seem right!!
Levi...right now you are.....
*All about football. Anytime you see any kind of stadium lights you scream out football!
*Can identify cows and say moo
*Starting to mimic everything we say
*You are a bit whiny right now
*You love to eat
*You talk and babble alot
*Love to chase Lane around
*You are doing great at school
*Your best friend there is Olivia
You are our hand full, that's for sure! We love you to pieces Levi!!!

Happy 18 Months little dude!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Still Here!

Yes, I'm still here!! We are all moved in and trying to get settled!! Pics will come soon, but right now we still don't have anything on the walls and we still have some lingering boxes around, so I will definitely post pics when I get the house a little more "done"!
This past weekend was exhausting!! Moving wears you out, but at least it's done!! We are loving our new home and so thankful that we made this a reality! The boys have adjusted just fine...probably because we came over all the time to look at it! Lane has slept upstairs every night so far without any problems, and Levi has made it about half the night upstairs. Besides the formal dining and media room (which will get done way later), the only room that is not done is the boys playroom, so they have been without most of their toys. However, this weekend we are going playroom furniture shopping and hopefully will get that room all set up!!
Other than the move not a whole lot has been going on. My mom left town last Friday. We had a great time visiting with her and the boys got several days out of school to hang out!
Lane has been battling a nasty bacterial infection on his face. Poor thing. He had one major blister on his face and several small ones popped up. The doc assures us its just a viral thing he picked up some where. So he has been on three meds and will stay on them for the rest of the month. Although I hate it, at least there is no pain. Lane hardly notices the sores.
Last Friday Levi had Elmo day in his class! Unfortunately I had already packed up his little Elmo toy, so I went and picked him up an Elmo book. He came home with this adorable Elmo craft that day!
Yesterday his class had Pumpkin Picking Day! They got to put their hands in and pull out all the icky seeds! His teachers are so brave to do that with all those babies, ha! On Levi's note home it said that "Levi was not fond of the pumpkins", ha!!
(These pics were from the SS Facebook page!)

On Tuesday we got our first "fun mail" in the new house!! And I am eagerly awaiting my Fridge Coasters to arrive!! I'll post pics!!
Well that's about it for now! Lane has a game tonight, I have book club tomorrow night, another game Saturday morning, and then furniture shopping and more house fixing the rest of the times!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Red River Meltdown

Finally getting a chance to blog! Our weekend has been crazy. We are five days away from moving! Boxes are everywhere and we are in the home stretch. We had our final walk through today, close on Friday, and move Saturday!! It is so crazy that this is our last week in this house...but more on that later!
This past weekend was Texas-OU, and Paul and I were lucky enough to score some tickets! This was our first Texas-OU game and we were pumped! My Papa and aunt Kelly go every year, so we went with them! We were parked by 7 am and ready to get the party started!!

  Very shortly into the first half the game went sour! Our short lived excitement turned into disbelief! I think our guys missed the bus and we just picked up some random players along the way. Seriously, worst game ever...BUT it was super fun just to be there in that amazing atmosphere! Definitely will be trying to make Texas-OU a tradition!!
Never got around to posting these sweet pics from last weekend! Another game, this time in the cold!
 And this stinker just likes to run around!
And watch bubba from afar!
Last week Lane had the ABC Scavenger Hunt Box for the week. Every week a student gets a letter and they have to fill it with items from their house that start with that letter. It just so happens Lane got L!
Filling it with "L" items was a little harder than we thought!

Last Wednesday-Saturday, my mom took the boys down to Waco for a few days to visit family! They had a blast and literally did not want to come home! Lane cried from Waco to Hillsboro! Friday night they went to the Midway game sporting some new Midway shirts!!
And we got our first Halloween goodies in the mail! Aunt Brittany sent some fun stuff for the boys! Thanks Aunt Brittany!!
Last Tuesday was picture day for the boys! I snapped this right before we left. Oh Levi...what a mess you are!! But sure is a cute one!!
That's it for now!! Hopefully I will be blogging from the new house next!! It's gonna be a crazy couple of days around here!! Happy Monday!