Monday, October 15, 2012

Red River Meltdown

Finally getting a chance to blog! Our weekend has been crazy. We are five days away from moving! Boxes are everywhere and we are in the home stretch. We had our final walk through today, close on Friday, and move Saturday!! It is so crazy that this is our last week in this house...but more on that later!
This past weekend was Texas-OU, and Paul and I were lucky enough to score some tickets! This was our first Texas-OU game and we were pumped! My Papa and aunt Kelly go every year, so we went with them! We were parked by 7 am and ready to get the party started!!

  Very shortly into the first half the game went sour! Our short lived excitement turned into disbelief! I think our guys missed the bus and we just picked up some random players along the way. Seriously, worst game ever...BUT it was super fun just to be there in that amazing atmosphere! Definitely will be trying to make Texas-OU a tradition!!
Never got around to posting these sweet pics from last weekend! Another game, this time in the cold!
 And this stinker just likes to run around!
And watch bubba from afar!
Last week Lane had the ABC Scavenger Hunt Box for the week. Every week a student gets a letter and they have to fill it with items from their house that start with that letter. It just so happens Lane got L!
Filling it with "L" items was a little harder than we thought!

Last Wednesday-Saturday, my mom took the boys down to Waco for a few days to visit family! They had a blast and literally did not want to come home! Lane cried from Waco to Hillsboro! Friday night they went to the Midway game sporting some new Midway shirts!!
And we got our first Halloween goodies in the mail! Aunt Brittany sent some fun stuff for the boys! Thanks Aunt Brittany!!
Last Tuesday was picture day for the boys! I snapped this right before we left. Oh Levi...what a mess you are!! But sure is a cute one!!
That's it for now!! Hopefully I will be blogging from the new house next!! It's gonna be a crazy couple of days around here!! Happy Monday!

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Branch said...

that last pic of Levi is SO cute!