Monday, October 29, 2012

Eighteen Months & Pumpkin Fun

This past weekend flew by. The majority of Saturday was spent setting up the playroom for the boys! We all LOVE how it turned out and can't wait to share pictures of it. I just need to put a few more things on the walls! Lane now says it's his favorite room in the house!
On Sunday we had some visitors! My Papa, Robin, and Kelly came over to see the house and to bring the boys their awesome pumpkins!!  For the past three years now (I think) Robin has made the boys some super fun pumpkins. This years' were awesome...take a look...
We have the Hulk and Mickey Mouse!!

Pretty neat huh??!!
We had fun visiting and watching the Cowboy game...the boys love playing on the stairs. And Levi is doing suprisingly well with them!

I love his sweet baby feet in this picture!

 We realized that we haven't taken any family pics in front of the new house, so we had an impromptu photo shoot!
And I can't forget that today my baby boy is eighteen months old!!! Already a year and a half...that just doesn't seem right!!
Levi...right now you are.....
*All about football. Anytime you see any kind of stadium lights you scream out football!
*Can identify cows and say moo
*Starting to mimic everything we say
*You are a bit whiny right now
*You love to eat
*You talk and babble alot
*Love to chase Lane around
*You are doing great at school
*Your best friend there is Olivia
You are our hand full, that's for sure! We love you to pieces Levi!!!

Happy 18 Months little dude!!

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