Monday, May 26, 2008

2 Months Old!!

I know I am a day late but Lane was two months yesterday!! We were out of town and did not have a way to upload pics. We headed down to Waco for the weekend. I decided to take Lane for a dip in the pool...literally a dip...his feet were the only part of his body in the water! And boy did he HATE it...he cried and then it turned into a scream for a good 20 minutes!! He did not like that cold water...but he sure did look so cute in his bathing suit!

So Lane is two months...I can't believe it! Every day he is changing and doing something different. Right now he is starting to sleep about 5-6 hours a night...not every single night, but about 3-4 nights a week! He is smiling all the time, which is adorable. His eyes are getting stronger and he is able to follow you with his eyes. He loves to stand up on your lap! He is a very "active " baby...he likes to be moving and playing...I think he gets that from his daddy!! Last time I weighed him he was 11 lbs!! I can't wait to see him change more.
Cousin Zach holding me

Me and aunt Brittany
Tomorrow I head back to school....8 days...I can do it!!! Hope everyone has a great week! Enjoy the pics!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Blast from the Past!

So once upon a time I was crazy over a little boy band named New Kids on the Block. I'm talking very crazy! I had everything ever made with their name on it. My room was like a museum to them complete with the bedspread, dolls, posters,and much more! So you can imagine my reaction when there they were, back together, singing on the Today show this morning! I got to say it was so funny and weird to see this group of boys, now grown men, whom I was obssessed with on tv getting ready for their "comeback". A flood of memories from childhood came racing back when they were singing and dancing to "The Right Stuff" and "Hanging Tough", songs that my friends and I sang and danced to!!! What was even funnier was the little girls this time...but girls my age!! All their old fans...grown up...back again!!

So in honor of this "comeback" I thought it only appropriate to visit the time when I was a teeny bopper in love with the New Kids!! I did some digging while Lane was napping and have included pictures of the time when I thought life just couldn't get any better....I was going to see them in concert! Oh yes, my mom and two other loving mothers stood in line and got their daughters everything they ever wanted (at the time of course!) And to top it off, got us a limo for the wonderful occassion! So take a look, have a laugh, and remember the time when you were crazy over a boy band!!!

P.S. I don't think this time around I'll be buying their CD! (oh and you can click on the pics to see them larger)
Limos sure have changed!
We couldn't go without homemade posters!
Stef, me, Kelly, Tiffany and Brittany!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Wow, I can't believe that I actually celebrated Mother's Day as a mom! Sometimes I still can't believe that I am a mom. I look at Lane and realize how blessed I am! I have a precious son and an amazing husband. Paul made my first mother's day very special, love you babe! It was a great day and I can't wait to celebrate many more!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another week gone by...

Ok, so another week has passed..Lane is six weeks old! I thought I would post some things that went on this week...

On Tuesday I took Lane up to my school! He was loved on by many new faces!! He was such a good boy..even though he pooped in Dawn's room! (If your reading this Dawn..I hope your room didn't stink!!!) It was so good to get up there and see everyone.

Yesterday Paul and I were doing some work around the house and Lane was wanting to be held very badly and making it known! So Paul got out our infant carrier thingy and put Lane in it! Needless to say, Lane LOVED IT! He went right to sleep. I had to include a pic b/c Lane looked so cute in it and Paul looked so funny with it!

Today Baby Titus came to visit Lane! Still no playing...just sleeping and eating b/w the two! As if having baby boys together wasn't enough, we have matching car seats as well! They are just too cute!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Great Night

Paul and I are very excited...last night Lane slept almost 6 straight hours!!! He ate at 10:00, fell asleep on daddy's chest, then we put him down and he slept away!! Hopefully this is going to become a common happening! That would be great. But even if it's not we are happy to take a full nights rest every once in a while!! Not much else going on just wanted to share!
Happy Friday...we are headed to Waco tonight...wish us luck on our first trip with little man!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Family Fun

The whole crew!
Lane and Uncle Andy

Lane and Coen

This past weekend Lane finally got to meet some more family! Paul's sister Holly and her husband Charlie came down. Lane got to meet his cousin Coen. Coen is about seven months old! He is getting so big...I remember him when he was Lane's size! Even though there was not a whole lot of playing between them now, it's going to be so fun watching them get bigger and grow together! Lane also got to meet Uncle Andy for the first time. It was so great for all of us to be together and hang out!

Lane went for his one month check up on Tuesday. He weighed in at 9 lbs. and 5 oz! Wow! He is literally getting bigger by the day! Why can't they stay babies longer!? He was such a a good boy getting his shot...cried a little, but settled down quickly!