Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another week gone by...

Ok, so another week has passed..Lane is six weeks old! I thought I would post some things that went on this week...

On Tuesday I took Lane up to my school! He was loved on by many new faces!! He was such a good boy..even though he pooped in Dawn's room! (If your reading this Dawn..I hope your room didn't stink!!!) It was so good to get up there and see everyone.

Yesterday Paul and I were doing some work around the house and Lane was wanting to be held very badly and making it known! So Paul got out our infant carrier thingy and put Lane in it! Needless to say, Lane LOVED IT! He went right to sleep. I had to include a pic b/c Lane looked so cute in it and Paul looked so funny with it!

Today Baby Titus came to visit Lane! Still no playing...just sleeping and eating b/w the two! As if having baby boys together wasn't enough, we have matching car seats as well! They are just too cute!

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