Thursday, January 20, 2011

January Book Club Pick

After our seven month rotation ended, my book club took a break over the holidays and now we are back at it! The pick for this month was...

I must admit that I was excited about this one at first. I have read other books by the author and have eally enjoyed them, however with this one it's been different. I've kinda struggled to "get in to it"...and that could be due to a number of other things that are going on, but I am determined to finish it if at all possible!!
And speaking of books...Lane has always loved looking at books and being read to. But here recently he has been "reading"  them as well! I really should catch this on video, but he will get a book and "read it" AKA describe what he's seeing! It is the cutest sweetest thing! He just goes on and on! Maybe its that he has the story memorized, I don't know but it's cute! Anyway a couple of nights ago he wanted daddy to read his Toy Story books to I snapped a couple of sweet pics of my two boys reading together! ( I was playing with the color on these)

 He would not let the Toy Story 2 book out of his hands! He held it the entire time Paul read the first one to him!

Priceless memories!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

24 Week Bumpdates

I'm 24 weeks!  Baby and I are moving right along. I can't believe in 16 weeks or less, he'll be here. I know I say that on every update, but it's so true. Time is flying by with this pregnancy. Between work and a two year old, you don't get to relax much. I will say that I definitely "feel" pregnant now. Doing things such as bending over, tying my shoes, and getting off the couch is getting harder and harder! Lane's baths are also becoming difficult. My ever growing belly keeps me from bending over the side of the tub to bathe Lane, ha! So daddy usually does it! I am now on a belly button watch! I give it a week tops before it pops! I also feel a ton more pressure already. My stomach is so tight and I feel like he is so low!
Lane is really understanding this whole baby thing. He knows his baby brother's name. Whenever you ask him he proudly says "Webi"! So precious. And he knows excatly where he is! He recently told his teacher at school that he held his! And although he is acting very sweet now, I am very anxious to see what he'll do whenever baby actually gets here!!
I know the next 16 weeks (give or take a few) will go by so fast! With our trip to the Bahamas (more on that later!), Lane's birthday, Spring Break, and getting the nursery complete, our time together as a family of three is going to come to an end fast.

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 24 Weeks!
Size of baby: Baby F is the size of a Papaya!
Total Weight Gain: 13 lbs. Yikes!
Maternity Clothes: Mostly pants, and some work shirts, but still wearing regular shirts as well.
Gender: It's a Boy!! Levi Austin!
Movement: Started feeling him around 22 weeks, and haven't stopped since!!
Sleep: Decent
What I miss: Sleeping on my tummy, bending over with ease!
Cravings: Here recently waffles!
Symptoms: Only one Braxton Hicks that I know of.
Best Moment this month: Feeling Levi move. I started feeling Lane early so I was getting worried when that time came and past.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year, New Room

Happy Late New Year to all! We are finally getting out of holiday mode around here. We are all getting back into our normal, school, daycare! Today was the official room change day. We have had it painted and the bed set up for awhile, we were just waiting for everything else to get here, and it finally all came this past week. I love this room! It's such a big boy room, it kinda makes me sad! Time is flying! So anyway, come on in and take a look!
Here is the view from the door

This is the far side of the room, bed and "sports corner"

Close up of bed

This is the other side of the room, the other main wall of the room. I love his hutch, and yes there is a very small TV in it! This kid loves movies!

Close up of hutch
The wall on that side, above the train table is a bit bare right now....that's because we are waiting on two things...

another red shelf

and this super cute corkboard!
Hopefully that will add to that wall!
And here is the closet...

All the cubbies in the brown shelf are full of toys. I tried to "hide" most of them in there so they wouldn't clutter his room! So that's his new room! Window treatments will come sometime. But most importantly, Lane has had a smooth transition to it. He loves his "new room" and has had no trouble falling asleep in there!
Now we can take a breather and start on the nursery in about a month or so!
In other things, I am 24 weeks today! I'll be doing my preggo update tomorrow. In the meantime, I am trying very hard to get my 2010 blog book completed, edited, and ordered! Because I know if I don't have it done by March or April, then I'll have a hard time getting it done when little one gets here!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Day 2010

This post is going to have an insane amount of pictures! Just warning ya! I must say that this has been such a fun, magical Christmas. Having a two and a half year old who was very very excited about all things Christmas made it so much fun! It was so sweet to watch him get so excited over things. And poor thing, yesterday when we were taking down Chrsitmas decor, it about broke his heart...first when daddy took apart the train set, then when we took his stockings down, then when his nutcrackers and tree came down. He was bawling and saying "Christmas not over"! So sweet. But needless to say these two holiday weeks were tons of fun and went by way too fast! So let's get on to Christmas morning and day!
 Here is a pic of all the goodies Santa brought Lane and Brody! I think these two boys were pretty good this year!

Here was Lane walking into the living room seeing everything for the first time!

 Brody pulling out stocking goodies
 Lane starting to unwrap gifts

Then it was time for his big gift...usually Santa leaves it unwrapped but I think Santa knew that if Lane saw it first, the rest may not have gotten opened ;)

A brand new train table! Man Santa sure knew Lane wanted one!

He was a little shy at first...

but it didn't take long for him to start playing!

Brody even joined in!

After we all opened our presents and ate breakfast, Paul and I headed over to his aunt's to have Chrsitmas with his mom's family. Lane followed Coen all around! Even up and down the stairs.

Me and Holly...the two preggos!! Yes that's right a very newly pregnant gal to join me!! I will be an aunt again in August!!

Lane playing with nana...about to open more gifts!

We got Coen a scooter for Christmas, so we took Lane's new bike from Santa over to ride!

 How is it that my little boy is already big enough to ride a bike with training wheels?!?! It makes me so proud but so sad that he is getting so big!

Then after that, it was over to Arlington to have Christmas with my family! We got there right in time for dinner and then it was time for our 3rd round of gift opening!

We had a long day but a good one. Lane has a wonderful family who spoils him completly!! It was a wonderful Christmas and I can't believe that next year we will have another sweet little baby boy to celebrate with us!