Tuesday, January 11, 2011

24 Week Bumpdates

I'm 24 weeks!  Baby and I are moving right along. I can't believe in 16 weeks or less, he'll be here. I know I say that on every update, but it's so true. Time is flying by with this pregnancy. Between work and a two year old, you don't get to relax much. I will say that I definitely "feel" pregnant now. Doing things such as bending over, tying my shoes, and getting off the couch is getting harder and harder! Lane's baths are also becoming difficult. My ever growing belly keeps me from bending over the side of the tub to bathe Lane, ha! So daddy usually does it! I am now on a belly button watch! I give it a week tops before it pops! I also feel a ton more pressure already. My stomach is so tight and I feel like he is so low!
Lane is really understanding this whole baby thing. He knows his baby brother's name. Whenever you ask him he proudly says "Webi"! So precious. And he knows excatly where he is! He recently told his teacher at school that he held his! And although he is acting very sweet now, I am very anxious to see what he'll do whenever baby actually gets here!!
I know the next 16 weeks (give or take a few) will go by so fast! With our trip to the Bahamas (more on that later!), Lane's birthday, Spring Break, and getting the nursery complete, our time together as a family of three is going to come to an end fast.

Pregnancy Highlights:

How Far Along: 24 Weeks!
Size of baby: Baby F is the size of a Papaya!
Total Weight Gain: 13 lbs. Yikes!
Maternity Clothes: Mostly pants, and some work shirts, but still wearing regular shirts as well.
Gender: It's a Boy!! Levi Austin!
Movement: Started feeling him around 22 weeks, and haven't stopped since!!
Sleep: Decent
What I miss: Sleeping on my tummy, bending over with ease!
Cravings: Here recently waffles!
Symptoms: Only one Braxton Hicks that I know of.
Best Moment this month: Feeling Levi move. I started feeling Lane early so I was getting worried when that time came and past.

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