Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Recap

Well, we all survived Monday!! Time for a little recap of our weekend fun....
Friday night was Lane's school's "Spring Fling"! Unfortunately, the severe rain that night caused them to move everything indoors, which was okay but not as much to do as last year! We ate, we cake walked, we face painted, we bid on items/raffles that I did not win (boo), and we did have a good time...until it was time to go and the the bottom fell out and let's not forget the huge lightening and very loud thunder that hit right as we walked outside and scared ALL the kids! Fun times!

Because of all the rain that fell, all of our games for Saturday were cancelled. We still had a birthday party for one of Lane's friends! The party ended with Nerf Gun battles!! It was super fun and what everyone little boy dreams of!! 

That evening my aunt, nana, and cousin came in from Waco to go prom dress shopping, and I tagged along!! My prom dressing days are very numbered, heck this may have been it!! #boymom
We shopped, ate, and went to a movie while ANOTHER huge storm blew though!!

And yesterday, again our games were cancelled, so we all headed back out to the mall for a bit more shopping and had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe....
It was a good weekend!!! Now to tackle this week!!

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Five on Friday

It's FRIDAY!!!! 
And we are all happy!!!
And it's time for Five on Friday!!!

If you follow me on IG, then you saw that my April Birchbox arrived this week...and isn't it adorable!!!?

I ordered this clutch from Jane today, and I can't wait to get it! I love this fabric and it'll be perfect for summer date nights!!

These cuties!! It was 'Donuts with Dad' at Levi's preschool this week, and he loved having his daddy take him to school!

These look uh-mazing...and given the fact that my boys love cinnamon rolls, these are on the breakfast menu one day this weekend!!

And I leave you with this....Levi will be turning FOUR in a couple short weeks and party prep has begun. Currently he is OBSESSED with the movie HOOK, so instead of doing a Paw Patrol or Peppa Pig party, I thought about doing a "Hook" party! I needed them quick, so I just made them myself....

Funny note: He really wanted me to put "the real Hooks" aka Dustin Hoffman's picture on the invite! I had to kindly say no!!

I'm linking up with Andrea!


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Reading Challenge: Month 3

Back again with a recap of what I've been reading...
March was a little bit of a slow reading month...between Spring Break, birthday parties, field trips, and a ton of games, I did what I could!
Here's what I did read ...

#7....Bird in Hand....I stumbled on this at Target and looked pretty good.  It's follows two couples, their marriages, and their lives. It opens with an awful accident and everything unfolds from there. I really enjoyed this read...the characters were likable, the story was realistic and it make me think.
#8...Three Wishes...No secret that I am a huge Fan of Liane Moriarty. I've yet to read something by her I didn't like! Each time I read one of her novels, I say "that's my favorite", until I read the next one, ha! This book was on sale for $2.99 on the Kindle, so I snagged it right up! It follows triplets, in the 33 year, all going through all sorts of issues. From death to divorce, it covers it all....SO good!!
#9...Savor....I'm also a huge fan of Shauna Niequist. Bread and Wine is one of my favorites, ever. Savor is a little different. It is written as a devotional. She also shares personal stories, and of course more recipes. So this one is ongoing...but I love reading it everyday. Oh, and I highly recommend splurging on the actual hardback instead of digital copy. This is a gorgeous book, and is great to display on your coffee table or nightstand!! Trust me!
Onto more reading!! I'd love to hear what your reading!!

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Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter and the ER

Hello Monday!! This weekend we celebrated Easter with lots of family, fun, food, and an unexpected trip to the ER!! (long post warning)
After games all day Saturday, we met with my the family to celebrate my nana's and my uncle's birthday. Dinner and Top Golf was on the agenda...and a certain seven year old was way excited about Top Golf!! Paul woke up Saturday morning not feeling good, but insisted he was going to go to the boy's games. He complained about being dizzy and his head hurting! When dinner time rolled around there was no way that Paul would be going out with us. After many attempts on my part all day trying to get him to go the the doctor, he wouldn't, and so the boys and I headed to meet the family.
Love this pic of Nana and the boys!

Grabbed the pic from my aunts FB!

 During dinner Paul texted saying he wanted to go to the ER but couldn't drive himself. So, I let the boys go ahead with my family to Top Golf, and I went to pick up Paul and headed here....
Fun times let me tell ya...he was diagnosed with Vertigo, given some meds, and we were sent home. (He is much better now)
Meanwhile, I was getting these sweet pics from my cousin...Lane was loving Top Golf, and turns out he's pretty good!! I hate that I missed his first time, but Paul and I promised we'd take him back!

My aunts brought the boys home for me, and on Sunday morning they woke up way early to see if the Easter Bunny had come...

They each got a new beach towel, a movie, a bible and devotional, and candy!

Sleepy eyes!

After a slow morning, we dyed some eggs and got ready to go meet my family at the park for our Easter fun...

Our crew...

Grateful for my family, grateful for the hubs feeling better, grateful for my two precious gifts, and grateful that the Lord rose for us! 
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Showering Mrs. Rich & Other Fun Things

This past Friday I helped host a little baby shower for Lane's teacher. She is due at the end of this month with a sweet baby boy! So after alot of emailing with some other moms, we were able to pull a cute little shower off during recess!

After getting the idea from Pinterest, I made this sweet little keepsake for baby Weston!

The kids were so cute about being "at a baby shower"....they loved giving her baby gifts!

We sure are going to miss her for the last six weeks or so of school!

Saturday eveing our neighborhood had it's 2nd annual Easter block party! Everybody grilled food, talked, and just hung out...while the kids played up a storm in the cul-de-sac, and had an Easter egg hunt! Fun night!

Also I have to mention this...Sunday, during Lane's baseball game, he not only hit his very FIRST HOMERUN he also hit his SECOND HOMERUN!!!! Two home runs in one game....needless to say we were so excited for him!!! He really got a hold of those balls!!! Love watching him play!!

We had a total of five games this weekend and it was a beautiful weekend for them!! Sunday our friends the Jones' came out to watch Lane play and then we all went to dinner at Central Market...the perfect way to end a pretty good weekend!!

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