Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Showering Mrs. Rich & Other Fun Things

This past Friday I helped host a little baby shower for Lane's teacher. She is due at the end of this month with a sweet baby boy! So after alot of emailing with some other moms, we were able to pull a cute little shower off during recess!

After getting the idea from Pinterest, I made this sweet little keepsake for baby Weston!

The kids were so cute about being "at a baby shower"....they loved giving her baby gifts!

We sure are going to miss her for the last six weeks or so of school!

Saturday eveing our neighborhood had it's 2nd annual Easter block party! Everybody grilled food, talked, and just hung out...while the kids played up a storm in the cul-de-sac, and had an Easter egg hunt! Fun night!

Also I have to mention this...Sunday, during Lane's baseball game, he not only hit his very FIRST HOMERUN he also hit his SECOND HOMERUN!!!! Two home runs in one game....needless to say we were so excited for him!!! He really got a hold of those balls!!! Love watching him play!!

We had a total of five games this weekend and it was a beautiful weekend for them!! Sunday our friends the Jones' came out to watch Lane play and then we all went to dinner at Central Market...the perfect way to end a pretty good weekend!!

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