Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter and the ER

Hello Monday!! This weekend we celebrated Easter with lots of family, fun, food, and an unexpected trip to the ER!! (long post warning)
After games all day Saturday, we met with my the family to celebrate my nana's and my uncle's birthday. Dinner and Top Golf was on the agenda...and a certain seven year old was way excited about Top Golf!! Paul woke up Saturday morning not feeling good, but insisted he was going to go to the boy's games. He complained about being dizzy and his head hurting! When dinner time rolled around there was no way that Paul would be going out with us. After many attempts on my part all day trying to get him to go the the doctor, he wouldn't, and so the boys and I headed to meet the family.
Love this pic of Nana and the boys!

Grabbed the pic from my aunts FB!

 During dinner Paul texted saying he wanted to go to the ER but couldn't drive himself. So, I let the boys go ahead with my family to Top Golf, and I went to pick up Paul and headed here....
Fun times let me tell ya...he was diagnosed with Vertigo, given some meds, and we were sent home. (He is much better now)
Meanwhile, I was getting these sweet pics from my cousin...Lane was loving Top Golf, and turns out he's pretty good!! I hate that I missed his first time, but Paul and I promised we'd take him back!

My aunts brought the boys home for me, and on Sunday morning they woke up way early to see if the Easter Bunny had come...

They each got a new beach towel, a movie, a bible and devotional, and candy!

Sleepy eyes!

After a slow morning, we dyed some eggs and got ready to go meet my family at the park for our Easter fun...

Our crew...

Grateful for my family, grateful for the hubs feeling better, grateful for my two precious gifts, and grateful that the Lord rose for us! 
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!!!

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