Friday, August 28, 2015

Ending Summer @ Six Flags

The weekend before school started was bring a friend free with your season pass, which we have, so we invited the Jones' to go with us as one last summer hooray!! It was seriously hot, but we had so much fun!! 

We stopped for some character pics first! We had only been in the park a total of three minutes, and look how sweaty!

We hit up kiddie land first, then made our way around the rest of the park!

The daddy's were good sports and rode a water ride with all four of them. They all got off completely soaked!

Mine train fun!

In line entertainment...pic courtesy of Claire! Thank goodness for free water!

Earlier this summer Lane just missed the height limit for the Giant, but not this time! He made it and was pumped!! Him, Megan, and I rode it and Lane loved I knew he would! Next up, the Titan!

And this was Claire' very first roller coaster, The Judge!! Such a moment should not go undocumented!! She loved it, and right after they rode with us, they ran and got their daddys and rode it again!!

Such a fun night with our favorite friends!!! Fright Fest is next!!

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{Scenes from Summer} Vol. 4

A few weeks late, but wanted to include our last "Scenes from Summer"! If you follow me on instagram, you've seen snips from these events...but here's more...

Lane had a tournament a couple weekends ago and they rocked in FIRST place!!! They played awesome and  it was such a fun tourney! Lane scored in every game and had a ton of assists!!
These cuties!

The team trophy! All the boys wished they got their own!

Last week I took the boys to Lil Ninjas. I wanted something different than a bounce house (although we did end up there too that week with friends), and had seen a friend post about this place, so I thought it sounded fun.  So basically this place is based on the T.V. show 'America Ninja Warrior'.  It has obstacle courses, ropes course, dodgebeall, and it's geared for kids and it's super fun! Definitely is a little hard and is a workout, but both boys LOVED it and can't wait to go back!

One day last week we had a crazy cool lower 60's that morning, so we enjoyed our breakfast outside! Hurry up Fall!

And this goof ball got to hang out with his cousin for a couple of days in Waco when my mom had surgery. 

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Monday, August 17, 2015

{NYC} Day 5

Friday morning we slept in a little....when we finally did get ready for the day we made our way back to Chelsea to the Chelsea Market! This is a food lovers dream...a whole market with any kind of food you can thing of! Really neat!

Inside it was so pretty!

After that we met up with Paul's cousin who lives in NYC for lunch right next door! It was so nice to see and visit with her! After lunch, it was finally time to wonder through Central Park! We went through Strawberry Fields, and saw some famous parts! We did not even come close to seeing the whole is so so big!!

Love this picture!!

Saw the Plaza Hotel walking out of Central Park! We walked through it and it was super fancy!

After a little rest it was time for the Yankee game!! This was number one on Paul's to do list while here!
Someone was pretty excited!! And check out that about cool!

Paul said he just wanted to see A-Rod hit a homerun, and sure enough he did!! 

We capped the night with burgers and fries at a diner before hitting the hotel. Our trip was over....sad day! But we had an amazing time in an amazing city!! I can't to go back one day!!! 

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

{NYC} Day 4

Thursday morning we woke up bright and early, and made our way to the Today Show! We got there a little after 7 and there was already a crowd. Also it was freezing that morning, yes freezing!! It was cold and super windy and I couldn't keep my eyes from watering and we were shaking to death! Crazy weather for mid-July!!
Before you can enter the area designated for the audience to be in, you had to register, and then they had a sign station! So we made one...mainly for the boys! The intern took this picture of us!

The set-up...the main part is way down there where the pink sign is!

We were worried that we wouldn't be on TV, or see any of the anchors..but we were wrong about both! Al did a walk around of the whole perimeter and we both got to shake his hand!

Filming a segment!

This pic was from my sister who taped the show for us!! 

After we got on TV we stayed a little longer then decided to was too cold!
Next up was Top of the Rock. It's an observation deck at the top of Rockefeller Center. I read a lot on this vs. the Empire State Building...and even though they are both great, a lot of people said this one because you get views of the Empire State Building too! See we choose Top of the Rock! (Since we went, the observation deck on top of the Freedom Tower has opened too!)
Seriously stunning views....

If you look closely you can see where the ball drops in Times Square!

Our (expensive) souvenir photo!

After we came down, we grabbed some coffee to warm us up and sat for a few to people watch....

A little selfie fun while Paul was on the phone!

Next up we headed down to the Meatpacking District to walk the High Line. This was another popular recommendation on blogs I read when doing research.  The High Line is a revitalized urban park on top of an old railroad! It was so neat and the architecture is very modern and clean...they have all sort of food vendors, music, and more! 

We grabbed empanadas and street tacos for lunch there! YUM!

Once done, we headed over to Soho! Two things I wanted to do there....Georgetown Cupcakes and to visit the Birchbox shop!!  Both did not disappoint!

I bought some goodies here....

 and we ate some goodies here!!!

These babies were soooo good!

On our way back to the subway I spotted Dean & Deluca....any true fan of Felicity would be excited!!

After that it was back to the hotel for a little bit to rest and get ready for our night! We had tickets to see Wicked and I was SO excited!! First though we grabbed dinner at a very yummy mexican restaurant. Have I mentioned yet that that day, Thursday, was our actual TEN year anniversary!!! So so grateful to be married to this amazing, handsome man!!!

 The restaurant was right next door to the Gershwin Theatre!

Wicked was so good!! Even Paul enjoyed it! After our play, we walked back over to Times Square to hit it up at night!! And man it was definitely crazy at night!! FULL of people, and even though the pics don't show it, it was so bright outside, almost like it wasn't dark! I just took it all in!

So pretty!!

Times Square selfie!!

This day was my favorite day of our trip!! It was a perfect anniversary day and I wouldn't have traded it for anything!!

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