Wednesday, August 12, 2015

{NYC} Day 3

Wednesday was probably my 2nd favorite day of the trip! It was packed full but great too! We started off the morning at The Met! It was gorgeous walking up to it...

 Street View..

Even though you could spend a whole day easily inside, we only spent about two hours! We did the accelerated tour!

 After the museum we walked over to Rockefeller Center for Jimmy Fallon!!! But first I spotted Jamie from Jersey Belle! Anyone watch that!?!

Then it was time! So, way back I tried to get us tickets for Fallon. However, the whole month soldout within minutes of them being released...pretty bummed! But then I saw that you could get tickets to something called the Monologue I checked into it, it sounded like the next best thing, so I put in for them, and about a week or two before our trip I was notified that we had tix!!

So you all know at the very beginning of the Tonight Show, Fallon does about a 7-8 minute opening monologue full of all his jokes...well during the monologue rehearsal, a live audience goes into the actual studio for him to "practice" his jokes to see which ones work and which ones don't! All the writers are on the couch taking notes as he goes through them! It was such a cool experience, to be in the studio, to talk to the show interns, to SEE and be within feet of Jimmy!!! We were on the first row and so close to him!! He was taller than I thought, and so funny! I still can't believe we saw him!! Oh and NO cameras were allowed anywhere!! That's why I have zero pics of the whole thing....oh well! All in all, if you can't score tixs to the actual show, this was definitely the next best thing!! 

The whole thing took about two and a half hours, so after we were done we had a couple things we wanted to see....but first as we were walking, we spotted the Trump Tower and thought we should stop in to at least see it. 
And was a little surprised when we walked in to see a crowd huddled around, and Trump himself was sitting there giving an interview! We could only see the back of his head, but still pretty cool!

The main thing we wanted to see was F.A.O Schwarz! It was closing it's doors that night, so we had to go see this landmark!!

And see this iconic piano, which was ALOT smaller than expected, ha!

Right next door was this really cool Apple store!

Next up we headed to dinner at Eataly! On every blog I read about where to eat in NYC, Eataly was on the list, so we went!
First a pic with this cool building! Look at that handsome guy!!

Eataly was SO SO good! It was a huge Italian market with five different restaurants inside...

and a Nutella Bar...which he definitely stopped by after our dinner!

Eataly is right across the street from Madison Square Park, so after we left we noticed a crowd and some music, so we walked over and there was a concert going on! So of course we grabbed some more drinks and stayed awhile! It was the perfect night weather wise, a beautiful park with lights and pretty decent music!

It was so fun to be there just taking in a little piece of NYC! 

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