Wednesday, August 5, 2015

{NYC} Day 2

Tuesday morning started at Rockefeller Center! It was a gloomy morning, and rain was on the way!

We explored the inside of Rockefeller, which houses the NBC studios...

We spotted Radio City Music Hall across the street...

Why hello there Matt...

Across another street was St. Patrick's Cathedral...we walked around inside and it was beautiful!!

Spotted Saks!

Then we ventured over to the New York public Library! Being the book nerd that I am, it was pretty cool!

We walked out of the library to pouring rain...good thing we brought our umbrellas! We kept walking and ran into Grand Central Station! We walked around, and ate lunch in the concourse to the sounds of  trains coming and going!!

After that we headed back to our hotel for a little R&R. Once we were rested, we were ready to go back out for the night! I had booked us tickets to the 911 Museum, so he headed downtown. First up was walking on Wall St. and seeing the New York Stock Exchange!

A very fancy Tiffany's was steps away!

Then we walked over to see the 911 Memorial first. We saw the Freedom Tower (huge), it was amazing to see. They had two pools in the exact spots of each tower, with the exact dimensions...pretty powerful to see!

The museum was also pretty powerful. I wasn't sure at first if I wanted to visit the museum, but I'm glad we did. They had so much stuff in there to see and read....and a lot of actual debris/wreckage from that day.

After that we hit the subway and headed back uptown. We shopped at Bloomingdale's and Dylan's Candy Bar before stopping for dinner and dessert at Serendipity's!

It was seriously the tiniest place!! 

Frozen Hot Chocolate....Yum, Yum, Yum!!

Cool view heading back to the hotel.

We ended our first full day with drinks in the hotel bar!! 

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