Tuesday, August 26, 2014

1st Day of FIRST Grade

Another school year is finally here!! On the night before the big day we spent some time reading some special books, one from his Aunt Kelly, and one from his teacher!

And then this morning, after getting up bright and early, we had our second annual "Back to School Breakfast"!! I love making a big fuss over stuff!! Even though Levi doesn't start for another week, he got in on the fun too!!

Sweet boys!

Anyway, the boys ate, and colored, and then it was time to get ready and go to school! Not without pictures of course!

 We got to school, walked him in, gave him hugs, and we were on our way out! Love this boy so much and I can't wait to see him learn and grow this year!! 

And because I love a good comparison picture and because I'm a little sentimental, I leave you with this....!!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

So Long Summer

How in the world today got here so quick is beyond me, but our very last day of summer crept up and we are all a little sad!!
Most area schools started today, we start tomorrow. Other than Halloween, I think today/tomorrow is one of my favorite social media days! Seeing everyone's sweet kiddos on their first day of school!
But before we have our first day of school fun, I wanted to share what we've been doing this last weekend of summer!!
Last Thursday our school hosted a "Back to School Swim Party" at our town's community pool. Lane ran into so many kinder friends and had a great time seeing them!

Our Friday night was quite busy! I took Lane to meet the teacher, while Paul took Levi to his first soccer practice with his outdoor team, then we met up at Lane's soccer skills night!
Lane got Mrs. Rich!

Friday night Lane's soccer team did the ASL Ice Bucket Challenge AND they had a water balloon fight! Talk about the BEST soccer practice ever! The boys had a blast as you can imagine!! Look at all their sweet smiles..

Saturday Levi had a soccer game and did so good!! Then that night we had one last summer get together with the Jones'! We ate, we drank, we laughed, we played, and the kids had their own mini water balloon fight! It was a great summer night with good friends!! This was the only pic I took!

Sunday was a much needed chill day! Nothing to crazy!
And today we celebrated our last day of summer with donuts of course!!! I had planed to take them to do something fun but when we got to Jump for Fun it was closed! And so was Urban Air! And so was our community pool!!!! We were all bummed, but we salvaged the afternoon with a CFA playdate with friends!!

Hope everyone with kiddos out there have had a great first day back!!!
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Monday, August 18, 2014

{Scenes from Summer} Part Four

Well, I can't say that this Monday is starting off great...we are currently in a stuffy house having air conditioner problems! Hopefully it will get fixed this afternoon before the real heat turns on!!
Other than that we haven't been up to too much, just enjoying these last few weeks of summer and gearing up for the school year!
This will probably be my last "Scenes from Summer" post....sad!!

As some of you saw on Insta, Lane took a really bad hit to the head during batting practice and had a nice little black eye for a few days! Not fun!

Sunday dinner night with the Jones'...these two being goofy!

Pool fun with friends!

Babysitting Claire and Olivia last week!

Couples Date Night @ Coal Vines!

A little Monday morning wrestling on the air mattress!

One Saturday after Levi's soccer game we hit up the kid craft time at Home Depot!

And weekday movie dates with my favorite boys!! Gotta love summer!

I'm sad to see summer go but also ready for the Fall! Both boys' sports are starting and we will officially have two kids in sports, yikes!! Let the craziness begin! This week we have a Back to School Swim party for Lane, Meet the Teacher, playdates, practices and then we hit the ground running with school starting next Tuesday!!!
 Fun time!! Happy Monday!!
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Monday, August 4, 2014

{30 Book Challenge} 12th, 13, & 14th Reviews

Happy Monday friends!!! I can't believe that we are in the home stretch of summer...only three more weeks until school starts back!! I'm back today sharing some on the books I've read recently!!
So first up book 12...

I've mentioned before that I am a fan of this author. Easy to read, chick lit, this was her latest release. It follows a Savannah florist, Cara, who is the premiere wedding florist in town. She is about to score the biggest wedding in town all while dealing with family stuff, feuding with a new competitor in town, and of course a little romance mixed in! Very cute and a good read!!

Book 13 was...
OK let me start with two words...LOVED THIS!! Now....if any of you watch Giuliana & Bill then you know the author of G's good friends who appears on the show often. I first heard of this book on the show when Giuliana and Bill did a reading for her.  Other than that, I hadn't heard really anything about this book, but  thought what the heck, downloaded it for our trip and that was that! Once I started it I could NOT put it down!! It is about Sophie Walker, who is on a much needed "escape from life" trip in the Maldives with her two best friends. There she meets Clayton. I'm not going to say much more...but I do need to say that it is kinda risque, but I'm telling you the characters are great, the story is well written and the ending is unexpected and leaves you wanting the sequel immediately! Which is coming! 

And #14 was...
In GA, before we began our trek home, I ran to Target to grab a book. I picked this one up for the cover, read the summary, and some reviews and thought it would be a good change of pace. The whole book takes place over dinner, where two families are brought together over a murder. It was good, not great for me. The basic storyline I liked, but the author kept flashing back to some things that, for me, were just not too relevant. It does make you think and pose some interesting questions about children and parenting! 
I am almost to the halfway point and have five more months to reach my goal! I'm hoping to make a little headway this month before the craziness of the Fall starts!!
I have a ton of books on my "to read"'s a little peek at what's next...

So, what are you reading, or want to read!?!? I'd love to hear!!

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