Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Levi Austin: Two Months & Mommy: 29 Years Old

Today was an extra special day in the Furr house...
Levi turned 2 months
I began the last year of my twenties.
So first things first
My sweet Levi,
It seems yet another month has passed us way too quickly! Even though you've only been here for 2 months it seems like you've done so much! I love that I am home right now getting to spend all this time with you!

Some things about you right now:
*You HATE to go byebye! It never fails that ever single time we go byebye you cry...and then scream...and then wail...and we go byebye alot! I wish you would learn to love the car!
*Knock on wood but you are a great sleeper right now! You take your last bottle around 8:15-8:30ish, go to bed, and then sleep until 4-4:30ish!! We will definitely take that!
*You are still eating every four hours and anywhere betweeen 5-6 love to eat!
*You have started to give us lots of smiles, and they are just the cutest thing! I can get them out of you but daddy really can get you going. He can get you making noises as well.

*You have already had to move onto 3-6 months clothes...which makes momma very sad. You are just too long  for your newborn clothes.
*You LOVE your baths!! I have not had any tears yet!
*Some days you are a very sleepy boy and will sleep all day and other days you are wide awake all day and starring at us!!
*You are in size 1 diapers.
We go see the doctor next week and I can't wait to find out your stats:

I cannot say enough how I wish time would slow down.  You are such a good baby. I just love you to pieces!

The second celebration was my birthday! I can't say that I'm overly excited about turing 29, knowing what next year holds, but I'll deal with that later, ha!
I spent most of the day at home trying to completly get over Strep. At 6 Lane had swim lessons so we headed up there. When we got back home I walked in to this...

Paul outdid himself! After reading my 3 cards from each of my boys I got to open my presents, with Lane's help of course. Funny story real quick...yesterday while lounging around, Paul was saying things like Lane tomorrow is mommy's get to give her the presents...and so on. And then, right out of the blue Lane said Yea her lotion! Paul about died and I started laughing...he totally gave away one of the gifts!! Oh well, I guess we can't take Lane shopping with us anymore, ha!!

And lotion I got!! Paul informed me of a sale...that's why I got so much!!! I also got this so very cute Coach ring that I had saw on a visit to the store awhile back! He totally remembered it! I love it!
After opening gifts we headed to Southlake for dinner and then back home for some yummy cake!!
Me and my boys...Lane eager for cake...and Levi eager for his bottle!! Gotta love 'em!!

Even though I was a little under the weather, I had a great birthday! Thanks Paul for making my day great!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Big Mix of Stuff

It's been a bit out of sorts around here the past few days. I left Friday afternoon headed to Houston for my SIL Holly's baby shower for sweet little Claire and left both...yes both boys with Paul. I tell ya he is one awesome daddy! Anyway I got home late Saturday night, fully ready to give daddy a break, and began not feeling good. I had the chills and the beginning of a sore throat. By Sunday I had a pretty bad sore throat, but other than that I was fine. By that evening I was achy and had a really bad sore throat and just knew I had Strep. Monday I went to the doc and yep bad case of Strep.
So poor Paul...who had already had the boys since Friday afternoon by himself, had to keep up the Mr. Mom duties all weekend and had to take yesterday and today off as well....thank you babe!
So that's whats been going either in bed or on the couch, trying to keep a three year old away from me!
Here are some things I've been meaning to post but just haven't, so I'm going to lump them all together!
About a week or so ago we took Levi on his first walk! He slept right through it, just like Lane did on his!

All last week and this week Lane has been in swim lessons. He is not afraid of the water this year and has been doing great!

This is what daddy and Levi do

All my jumping pics were blurry, but I still wanted to post one b/c that's his favorite thing to do!

Meanwhile, Lane has been the best big bro. He is never aggressive with Levi or anything. He always wants to hug him or hold him, and one night he even asked to feed him..."all by myself" (which while on that subject...that is definitely the phrase of choice in our house these days...I hear it all day long!)
Anyway we let him...I was right beside him...and he did great! He fed him the whole bottle and he even burped him with my help, and Levi burped. Lane just thought that was so funny!

Here is a pic of Levi during a bath...this boy loves his crying at all..just looking around! Again, another similarity with big bro.

Here is a pic of the candy buffet I put together at Holly's baby shower! I loved how it turned out and it was a big hit!

And this past Sunday, Paul and I, along with a bunch of family, took Lane to see Cars 2!! He has been asking us for weeks when it was coming out, so he was very ready to see it!

Of course he had to wear his Cars shirt!

With pretty much all my fam going with us, we had to bring Levi along. So we planned it to where he would feed right before showtime! For documenting purposes...this was Levi's 1st trip to the movies!!! (Just for memory's sake...Lane's 1st movie was at 4 months and was Mama Mia...yea daddy was not happy about that, ha!)

Aunt Terry brought him a cool Cars hat! And as you can see he had to bring his new Cars 2 cars with him! Silly boy!

He got his blue Icee and was ready!

Here is a pic of everyone...Anut Terry is hidden b/w my papa and uncle...and Paul was there, for some reason didn't get a pic!
Overall the movie was okay. I was a bit disappointed in it. It centered around this whole "spy" storyline and not much on racing. Lane still loved it and he had a great time. And Levi did great too!
I know that was alot! Since on meds I'm already feeling a bit better...hopefully by tomorrow my throat will feel alot better...seeing how tomorrow is my birthday! Nothing like being sick on your bday...oh well ...Levi also is two months tomorrow!!
Ok thats all I got folks! Have a good night!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pinterest Anyone?

So about two weeks ago I came across something called Pinterest on a blog...and curious me wanted to know what it was. And now I have a new addiction!
So what is Pinterest?  Well the best way I can explain it is this...have you ever searched the internet for something, and find several ideas on all different websites? And you either have to write down the website or bookmark it. Well this site is where you create "boards" and you can "pin" your ideas to it! It's very addicting. And they have a Pin It button you can add to your tool bar, so whenever you come across something you can pin it right then and there! Kinda like virtual bulletin/inspirational boards!
 Here is my Pinterest page...go check it out and follow me!! If you need a request email me! Have fun looking...and be careful, you may get hooked too!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Crackin me up!

Lane is a talker. He talks ALL the time! And he is so stinkin smart that I can carry full out conversations with him. He's so funny with what comes out of his little mouth. Today he said some pretty cute and funny things and I want to make sure I remember them!
Funny thing #1:
We were getting ready to go to swimming lessons and Paul called. I talked to him for a bit and then he asked to talk to Lane. I had already told Lane that daddy wouldn't be at swimming lessons because he was going to the Ranger game. So when Lane took the phone, this is what I heard...

Paul: Hi Lane
Lane: Hi daddy...Are you going to the Ranger game?
Paul: Yes.
Lane: Is Josh Hamilton, Ian Kinsler, and Michael Young going to be there? (yes he said last names too!)
Paul: Yes they are.
Lane: Are you going to see them?
Paul: Yes.
Lane: Is Josh Hamilton going to hit a homerun?
Paul: Maybe.
Lane: Ok daddy.

This boy is a baseball nut!!

Funny thing #2:
On our way to swimming lessons, we were in the car and Lane had his feet up in the car seat and one foot kinda touching the door. Well I guess that foot hit the door handle, because all of the sudden I hear...

Lane: Mommy, can I open the door?
Me: NO! You'll fall out! (I was going for the scare factor...oh and the door was already locked)
Lane: No I won't mommy...I'm in my car seat...I'm safe. (smarty pants, ha)

Funny thing #3:
Before we got out of the car I grabbed my lip gloss and put some on.

Lane: Mom what are you doing...painting your lips?

Oh certainly make your momma laugh!!
This week has been busy! Like I've mentioned we've had swimming lessons every evening. Lane is doing great and I'll post pics later. Yesterday Lane also started his Little Gym Sports Skills class. He will go every Tuesday till August! Just trying to keep his busy and entertained!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

We had a wonderful Father's Day today. We lounged around all morning, had a yummy lunch at Uncle Julios, shopped in Southlake, and had dessert at Sweet Sammies in downtown! A great, relaxing day with the family celebrating daddy!
Paul you are such a wonderful husband and father! Our boys are very lucky! We love you!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Silly Big Bro

Big Bro Lane has a litle obssession right in particular Nascar!! Ever since daddy took him to the race in April, he has been hooked. He has memorized the cars of several of the drivers and when he sees them on TV he will call them out by name, pretty impressive of a three year old if  you ask me!
He has a ton of cars....a ton....and in all honesty they are pretty much all he plays with right now.  As seen in the picture below our coffee table has become the perfect race track!

One day after doing something in the kichen, I came in the living room to find this!
I cracked up and grabbed the camera!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


There's nothing cuter than kids matching every once in awhile! This was actually an unintentional matching by daddy, but they were too cute nonetheless, so I had to grab my camera and snap away!

Getting restless with mommy...Levi not havin it and Lane more interested in the Mavs game!

My sweet little one....aren't newborns just precious when they sleep!? And I love how Levi sleeps with his arms down!

Oh and way to go MAVS!! NBA CHAMPS!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

May and June Book Club Picks

Last night I had book club, and I realized I haven't even blogged about the books in awhile!
Our May bok club pick was "The Things we do for Love" by Kristin Hannah. I really liked this book! An easy read and a good storyline!

And our June selection...I am very excited about!

It's "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett

Our book club has been wanting to read this for awhile now and the movie is coming out in August, just after we finish!
I aslo finished "Water for Elephants"...I really enjoyed this book! And I still need to go see this movie!

And to make my reading extra enjoyable....I got this adorable Kindle cover, an early birthday present from the hubby, this week! It is super cute and really durable and I love love love it!

If you have a Kindle or a Nook and want one...the Etsy seller is dixieswindow.

I had a great time last night catching up with everyone!
HaPpY SuMmEr ReAdInG!!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sweet Smile

While sleeping Levi often gives us some sweet smiles...but the other day, we were "playing" with him and Paul got him to laugh for real, while awake! And I was able to capture it! Such a sweet and precious smile!!

Sometimes while I'm either cleaning his room or putting up his laundry, I turn on this bear and Levi will just turn his head and listen to it! It definitely captures his attention for a bit!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cupcakes and Colors

I have seen this on other blogs and have been wanting to make these Rainbow Cupcakes with Lane for awhile now, and last week we finally did! It was a cute little activity that we got to do together, and a color review as well!
All you need is some white cake mix and some food coloring and you're good to go!

Lane dropping in the color


All six colors

Yummy Yummy!!

Levi hung out and watched!