Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Big Mix of Stuff

It's been a bit out of sorts around here the past few days. I left Friday afternoon headed to Houston for my SIL Holly's baby shower for sweet little Claire and left both...yes both boys with Paul. I tell ya he is one awesome daddy! Anyway I got home late Saturday night, fully ready to give daddy a break, and began not feeling good. I had the chills and the beginning of a sore throat. By Sunday I had a pretty bad sore throat, but other than that I was fine. By that evening I was achy and had a really bad sore throat and just knew I had Strep. Monday I went to the doc and yep bad case of Strep.
So poor Paul...who had already had the boys since Friday afternoon by himself, had to keep up the Mr. Mom duties all weekend and had to take yesterday and today off as well....thank you babe!
So that's whats been going either in bed or on the couch, trying to keep a three year old away from me!
Here are some things I've been meaning to post but just haven't, so I'm going to lump them all together!
About a week or so ago we took Levi on his first walk! He slept right through it, just like Lane did on his!

All last week and this week Lane has been in swim lessons. He is not afraid of the water this year and has been doing great!

This is what daddy and Levi do

All my jumping pics were blurry, but I still wanted to post one b/c that's his favorite thing to do!

Meanwhile, Lane has been the best big bro. He is never aggressive with Levi or anything. He always wants to hug him or hold him, and one night he even asked to feed him..."all by myself" (which while on that subject...that is definitely the phrase of choice in our house these days...I hear it all day long!)
Anyway we let him...I was right beside him...and he did great! He fed him the whole bottle and he even burped him with my help, and Levi burped. Lane just thought that was so funny!

Here is a pic of Levi during a bath...this boy loves his crying at all..just looking around! Again, another similarity with big bro.

Here is a pic of the candy buffet I put together at Holly's baby shower! I loved how it turned out and it was a big hit!

And this past Sunday, Paul and I, along with a bunch of family, took Lane to see Cars 2!! He has been asking us for weeks when it was coming out, so he was very ready to see it!

Of course he had to wear his Cars shirt!

With pretty much all my fam going with us, we had to bring Levi along. So we planned it to where he would feed right before showtime! For documenting purposes...this was Levi's 1st trip to the movies!!! (Just for memory's sake...Lane's 1st movie was at 4 months and was Mama Mia...yea daddy was not happy about that, ha!)

Aunt Terry brought him a cool Cars hat! And as you can see he had to bring his new Cars 2 cars with him! Silly boy!

He got his blue Icee and was ready!

Here is a pic of everyone...Anut Terry is hidden b/w my papa and uncle...and Paul was there, for some reason didn't get a pic!
Overall the movie was okay. I was a bit disappointed in it. It centered around this whole "spy" storyline and not much on racing. Lane still loved it and he had a great time. And Levi did great too!
I know that was alot! Since on meds I'm already feeling a bit better...hopefully by tomorrow my throat will feel alot better...seeing how tomorrow is my birthday! Nothing like being sick on your bday...oh well ...Levi also is two months tomorrow!!
Ok thats all I got folks! Have a good night!

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