Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pinterest Anyone?

So about two weeks ago I came across something called Pinterest on a blog...and curious me wanted to know what it was. And now I have a new addiction!
So what is Pinterest?  Well the best way I can explain it is this...have you ever searched the internet for something, and find several ideas on all different websites? And you either have to write down the website or bookmark it. Well this site is where you create "boards" and you can "pin" your ideas to it! It's very addicting. And they have a Pin It button you can add to your tool bar, so whenever you come across something you can pin it right then and there! Kinda like virtual bulletin/inspirational boards!
 Here is my Pinterest page...go check it out and follow me!! If you need a request email me! Have fun looking...and be careful, you may get hooked too!

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