Saturday, January 31, 2009

Extreme Makeover: Bedroom Edition

Ok, so we're not knocking down walls or anything, but we are giving our bedroom a MUCH needed makeover! From day one, moving into our first apartment as a married couple, our bedroom hasn't been much to fuss over. Paul was coming in with no furniture!! And I had some cheap stuff that got me through college! For some reason, our bedroom just got put on the back burner...and then fast forward a couple of years and we are buying a house and having a baby and obviously our money went to other areas! Until now!!!!

We are completly fixing up our bedroom. New furniture, new bedding, new paint, yea!!!! We started today with painting, and next weekend our furniture will be delivered. Then I get to "accessorize" it! It's been a long time coming and I'm just glad it's finally happening. I promise to post some pics when it's complete!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thank You Texas Weather...

For this unexpected and random day off! Lane and I have been hanging out today due to my district's cancellation of classes! Fine by me! Lane is a bit under the weather right now so it's been a bit of a lazy day. Just trying to get him all better! Daddy came home for lunch and played for a bit...daddy shared his oatmeal cream pie with Lane man....which he loves...and made quite a mess! So we headed for the bath!

Hope every one is having a great day!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

10 Months

Lane is ten months old today. Not much has changed since my very late nine month post, which I feel like I just posted time is flying by! We now have four teeth! His top middle two decided they wanted to make their apperance together! Even when he smiles we can barely see them so getting a picture of them may be kinda hard.

Other than that, nothing new. Here are some pics of our weekend.I love this pic....he is looking at Paul like he is about to do something!
Playing with his books Saturday morning.

We had some errands to do Saturday afternoon and seeing how it was freezing out we had to bundle Lane up. A while back we lost Lane's cute little hat, so we had to use daddy's instead to keep his little head warm!! I also tried out his mittens! It was the cutest thing. He wasn't sure about them, so that's why his hand is up!! He kept it like that for a while!! Very funny.

Passed out in the car...all nice and warm!

Ok, so Lane got this outfit from Paul's stepsister for Christmas. I think it is adorable. It looks like a little jail outfit! Anyhow Lane thought it was fun!

Happy ten months little man!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Watch Out comes Lane!!!

Five days short of being 10 months....Lane is officially a beginner walker!!! He has been able to stand on his own for awhile now, and last night while we were playing with him he took about two steps! And of course we did not have the video recorder on hand, so I ran to get it and then he decided he didn't want to do it again.

So tonight I grabbed the video and thought okay we are going to catch a couple but Lane decided he wanted to walk a bit more!! We were so surprised! I cannot believe that Lane is on the verge of walking!! How can my sweet little baby already be at this stage?!?! So here is Lane taking his first series of steps!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Too Close for Comfort

Well I know I'm a day late but we are back is the full swing of things and finding time is hard during the week! But I couldn't go without a shoutout for our team!
Now I know it was not the prettiest of wins but in the end it was a WIN!! Hook 'Em Horns!!! But seriously guys, do you have to wait until the last 16 seconds of the game to pull the win...I mean that is definitely enough to give Paul a premature heart attack! It was a great game and a good way to end the season!
Lane sported a Texas outfit to daycare yesterday in support of Bowl Game Day!! When we all got home we changed into our "game gear" as well! Here we are ready for the game! Ok Lane...can we please put your paci down for one second!!??

In other news, I have not yet posted Lane's nine month stats, so here we go.....

At 9 Months:
*He weighs 19 lbs. and 2 oz.
*Is 27 3/4 in. long
* Crawls everywhere and fast
*Pulls himself up on anything he can and "walks" from one piece of furniture to the next.
*Can drink out of a sippy cup
*Is learning how to self-feed...using his thumb and pointer to pick up food
*Is very aware of when we are eating and very aware that it is not the same stuff he is getting
*We are giving him table food that he can chew
*Still only two teeth, but we can see one of his top ones!!
*Responds to his name when called...(turning his head in the direction)
*Makes this high pitched squeal, very funny
*Loves to be held
*Likes to bang things, specifically on our coffee table!
*And at this point....yes I have to a complete and total DADDY'S BOY!!! Lane loves his daddy and it is just so cute and fun to watch them together!

So that's my boy at nine months. He is a very active, curious, loving, and funny little boy and is definitely keeping Paul and I on our toes!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Balls of Fun...

This morning we put together some of the last of Lane's Christmas toys, which included this ball pit! Paul set it up and Lane dove right in. Lane had so much fun playing in it....thanks great-aunt Angie!! Not real sure where we are going to keep it yet! Here are some pics of Lane and the balls!

This afternoon we headed to Arlington to pick up a new addition to our living room....this chaise that goes with our set we have! We love it! Here's Lane and I testing it out....very comfy!
Is it seriously already Saturday??? One more day before back to work.