Sunday, March 27, 2011

And So It Begins!

I think from the minute they hear the words "It's a Boy", daddy's everywhere immediately think of the day their son will put on a jersey and begin playing sports, whatever sport that may be! Well for us that day is here!!
I never thought it would be at age 3, but the KYA League has what they call Blastball for 3 and 4 year olds. And seeing how my son is obsessed with baseball, and he knows the game itself very well, we thought it would be perfect for him! And he is the only boy in his class at school, so we thought this would give him some much needed boy interaction!! He needs to be rough and tumble some right, ha!?
So Lane's very first team EVER is the.....

the A's!!!
This past Thursday they had their first practice. There was no way I wasn't going to be there snapping pics to document his first organized team practice!
We had been talking to him about his team and playing, so when I picked him up Thursday and told him he had practice he was beyond excited. He is so particular when it comes to baseball. He immediately told me he wanted to wear his Ranger jersey and basbeall pants. After much persuading I got him to nix the pants! Whenever he plays he has to get out his: glove, bat, ball, helmet, batting gloves, and base!! Crazy huh!? And yes he wanted to take it ALL!!! Again after some talking, I got him to only take his glove and batting gloves!!
Here is he, decked out I may add, ready to go to practice!

Practice went great! Including Lane, there are six boys on the team! Three are four and tall, and the other three and three and smaller! Lane and Reed are tied for the shortest, but that's okay, we knew he would be the smallest and youngest! They all did so good! The coach asked for all "hands on deck" so the daddys who were there helped out!  They covered running the bases, hitting off the tee, and how to ground a ball (alligator chomp!) Here are the boys in action....

Paul was trying to show Lane how to "take a knee"!

Running the base

Look at that little smile!!

Lane and Reed losing focus! Won't be the last time I'm sure!

 My big boy throwing the ball!

 Hitting...and making contact!

 Running all the bases!

All in all practice went great! They did better than I thought they would! Games will be hilarious I'm sure!
So here is to the beginning of life with kids in sports!!! Bring on the FUN!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Birthday Night

His first birthday fell in the middle of the week and we wanted to do something for him that day, so we decided to take him to Chucky E Cheese. Then, when his 2nd birthday rolled around, we decided to go back on his birthday night, so we thought it only appropriate we continued this little birthday tradition and go Friday night as well.
Daddy picked him up a bit early from school, and when I got home he was very eager to open a few presents from mommy and daddy! So we let him!

He got a big Mack truck and a couple more cars to add to his ever growing collection! His main gift from us we will get to do next Saturday...A Day Out with Thomas!
After some play time, we headed over to Chuch E Cheese. He was so excited to go and play...and play is what he did! He bounced from one thing to another for about two hours!

Baseball of course

Then on to shoot some hoops!

 He sat down long enough for us to eat some pizza.

Posing with Chucky...this one came out dark.

I needed one with the birthday boy!

 They had this "ride" there. You lay down, watch the screen and the yellow chairs move around. It was a short little "movie" about going on a roller coaster through a toy room...pretty cute...Lane had no hesitation. He hopped up, took hold of the bars and rode it! This was before it started...maybe a bit of worry!

I see a small smile coming!

 And finally a big smile!

Then we all played some skeeball. Lane had a hard time getting it all the way to the top!

Chucky was out and about dancing with kids, so Lane joined in. I love his litle face here!

 Then he rode a big truck.

 And we ended the night was a game of air hockey! This year he was finally able to stand and see over!

And just for comparison purposes!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Birthday Letter from Mommy (and Daddy)


Where do I begin? My little sweet baby boy is 3 today, and I can't believe it. It's been a big year for you. I feel like this year you have grown and matured so much. You are truly becoming a little man and I love watching you grow up!

You have hit some pretty big milestones this year. We said good bye to the paci back in the fall. You are almost completly potty trained! You have switched rooms and are sleeping in your new bed with no problems!!

You are doing great at school! You have had two amazing teachers this year, Mrs. Jennifer and Mrs. Jackie, who have taught you so much. Your vocabulary is so big and you are very much a talker! When we have been out, several people have asked us how old you were, and then complimented your talking. You know all your ABC's, numbers, and can even count in Spanish! Every day you come home with a new song, and you love to sing! You love all your friends at school and I love to get glimpses of you playing with them when I pick you up. You are the lone boy in a class full of girls!

You are so.stinkin. funny! You crack your daddy and I up every single day!! You are copying phrases we say and there are so funny coming out of your little mouth!

Your main passion right now is sports. You love to watch sports with daddy on TV and you have to play that sport right then. You are so smart when it comes to them as well. Just recently while watching some March Madness you told me you need another basketball goal to make a court! From shooting hoops, to passing a football, you know it all. But by far your favorite to watch and play is baseball! You amaze me at how well you already know and love the game, and at how good you are!

A year later and you still are a Yo Gabba Gabba fan! However you do have some new favs, such as: The Bubble Guppies, Jake and the NeverLand Pirates, Dinosaur Train, and Dora! You love Dora!! It's so funny to listen to you talk and interact with the TV. You also are learning all the songs and will walk around singing them!

I still can't say that you are a great eater. You are my kid after all, ha! Some days you will eat great and some days you could care less about food. I hope as you grow, you will start to try new things.

You have such a sweet little heart and have become very aware of different emotions. You always ask your daddy and I if we are happy or mad or sad! It's hilarious...when I am having to get onto you for immediately ask "Are you mad?" or "Are you sad?". You are also very polite. You say please, thank you and we are working on when to say excuse me!

Even with all this good stuff said about you, let's be real here, you are a typical toddler and go through "those days"! You can completly drive us crazy at times! You like to whine alot some days and it can wear us out! Your listening skills are something we work on every day! I will say that 95% of the time you are a very happy, well behaved kid and we have been pretty lucky so far!

Your only child days have been numbered  for awhile now! I cannot wait to see you in big brother mode in a couple of short weeks! I try and make it a point to talk about Levi with you every day! You know who he is, where he is, where his room is, and what his toys are! I'm sure there will be an adjustment period once he gets here, but I am pretty sure you are going to be a great big brother....we will see though!!

Mommy and daddy love you more than anything! You have changed are lives in so many ways, and we are so blessed to have you as our little boy! I wish you could stay this age for awhile longer, b/c I truly enjoy it! I can't wait to see what the 3's hold for you! Happy Birthday Lane! 


Mommy and Daddy

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bouncing on to 3!

Even though his birthday isn't until Friday, we celebrated with family and friends yesterday! We had it at a bounce house here in Keller. We had a great little turnout and Lane had a BLAST!!! What was even better about having it somewhere else is that you don't have a house to clean afterwards!!
So first thing first...theme and setup! After choosing the party site, I knew I didn't want to use their party stuff, sorry! So, I found a seller on Etsy, Inkberry Cards, who made an adorable printable party package that was for bounce houses! It was bright and fun and I knew it would be easy to coordinate with.
So it started off with the invite...

Here is the cake table. The only thing I didn't like was that there was hardly any light where the tables are at, so my pics were not that great. Also, this is a gym, so the background is vending machine! There was nothing I could do, so please overlook the beautiful backdrop!
The Banner

The Table

The "mini" popcorn bar! I ordered some yummy popcorn from a place called Uptown Popcorn! It was a hit and was so good! I made some paper cones for people to put theirs in!

Here is a close up of the cupcake tower I made! I have seen these on tons of blogs and knew I wanted to make one, especially since I knew I was serving cupcakes! It was super easy to make!

Another aunt made the cupcakes, Lane's cake, and the number three sugar cookies!

A shot of the kiddie table!

Now for the bouncing! The kids didn't stop once. They all played pretty hard! Here's just some of the pictures of them!

Here all are the kids minus one, Coen.
Back: Kelsey-Ann, Lane, Faith, Braelynne
Front: Hayden, Paige, Ryan, and Titus
This was the best I could get of them all!

Here is my little birthday boy! He was so ready to wear his hat, he had been talking about it all week, telling me he wanted a birthday hat!

 Singing happy birthday!

 Blowing out his candle!

 Everyone went home with a bag full of goodies!

I couldn't have asked for a better party. It was so easy! I'm pretty sure Lane wore himself out...this was him very shortly after we got home...

And this is just the beginning of his birthday celebration!! The fun continues this weekend!