Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Recap & A Few New Things

Spring Break '11 is here!! Yea! Even though I am not going anywhere I am still excited! I hope to get alot done this week, including all the preparations for a certain little man's birthday party! I can't believe this time of year is here already...I can remember planning his party last year!
Our weekend was pretty low key, Paul and Lane worked in the yard, I caught up on the gazillion shows I have DVR'd, and we ran errands. One errand was to go register, not that we need alot this go round, but there is some stuff, and plus Levi needs his share of goodies...after all... he'll be getting lots of hand me downs from big bro!!
Anyway while registering at Target, Paul called to me from another aisle..."Tara, would you look at so need this"! This is what he found....

So funny...blogs are everywhere! And yes, I did get it!
Another baby accessory I love are these adorable soft baby blocks! I found them on Etsy....yes I am slightly obsessed with Etsy!! Anyway, my sister ordered these for Brody and I knew I needed some when it came time. And yes I went for a UT theme...I love how they turned out!!

And last, I haven't posted a pic of my big boy on here in awhile, so I snapped some pics while daddy and Lane were playing this afternoon.

Love these two...soon to be three...boys of mine!!
P.S. Speaking of three...I think I am officially over being pregnant, ha! Don't get me wrong, I love being pregnant, but you just hit a point and you're like "okay, I'm done"! And sadly I still have at least seven weeks left. I just want Levi out!


Branch said...

those blocks are ADORABLE!

Brittany Stokes said...

I LOVE the blocks!!!

Anonymous said...

Those turned out so cute!!!

Love mom

Kyle and Marci said...

I was SO over being pregnant too...then Kinsey decided to come 3 weeks early and then I was a little panicked...he will be here soon enough!! Hang in there friend :)