Monday, March 21, 2011

Bouncing on to 3!

Even though his birthday isn't until Friday, we celebrated with family and friends yesterday! We had it at a bounce house here in Keller. We had a great little turnout and Lane had a BLAST!!! What was even better about having it somewhere else is that you don't have a house to clean afterwards!!
So first thing first...theme and setup! After choosing the party site, I knew I didn't want to use their party stuff, sorry! So, I found a seller on Etsy, Inkberry Cards, who made an adorable printable party package that was for bounce houses! It was bright and fun and I knew it would be easy to coordinate with.
So it started off with the invite...

Here is the cake table. The only thing I didn't like was that there was hardly any light where the tables are at, so my pics were not that great. Also, this is a gym, so the background is vending machine! There was nothing I could do, so please overlook the beautiful backdrop!
The Banner

The Table

The "mini" popcorn bar! I ordered some yummy popcorn from a place called Uptown Popcorn! It was a hit and was so good! I made some paper cones for people to put theirs in!

Here is a close up of the cupcake tower I made! I have seen these on tons of blogs and knew I wanted to make one, especially since I knew I was serving cupcakes! It was super easy to make!

Another aunt made the cupcakes, Lane's cake, and the number three sugar cookies!

A shot of the kiddie table!

Now for the bouncing! The kids didn't stop once. They all played pretty hard! Here's just some of the pictures of them!

Here all are the kids minus one, Coen.
Back: Kelsey-Ann, Lane, Faith, Braelynne
Front: Hayden, Paige, Ryan, and Titus
This was the best I could get of them all!

Here is my little birthday boy! He was so ready to wear his hat, he had been talking about it all week, telling me he wanted a birthday hat!

 Singing happy birthday!

 Blowing out his candle!

 Everyone went home with a bag full of goodies!

I couldn't have asked for a better party. It was so easy! I'm pretty sure Lane wore himself out...this was him very shortly after we got home...

And this is just the beginning of his birthday celebration!! The fun continues this weekend! 

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Brittany Stokes said...

Bummed we missed it!!! I love the popcorn...thinking we should do it for the shower also!