Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Five Days in Paradise

You couldn't ask for more than being in the Bahamas in the middle of February! Our trip was amazing! The resort itself was worth was awesome. I got sun...I got to relax... I got to enjoy fancy dinners...and above all I got to enjoy some along time that will be hard to come by very soon! As much fun as we had though, we were both so ready to see our little man on Sunday! Here is a recap of our trip, enjoy!


 We were greeted by a nice Apex sign! The Bahama airport was really small so you couldn't miss it!

Here was the view from our room. We didn't have an ocean view, but we did have an equally cool view. We were facing the marina. We could see the huge yachts that are parked here, we could see the cruise ship docks! It was so neat to watch them come and go every day. And we also had a view of Dolphin Cove. We could hear them and watch them, so neat!

Paul wasted no time finding the casino! It was open 24 hours, and it took us right back to Vegas! Too bad no happy ending like Vegas though, ha!

Our first night Apex hosted a "Welcome Social" basically it was a three hour all you can drink mixer! It was outside though in this open area overlooking the pool, so it was very pretty!

One very cool thing about this resort was the insane number of aquariums they had! Everywhere you walked you either went down into some under ground aquarium, or there would be water with sharks or stingrays swimming around. My husband took tons of pictures of sea life! But I'm not going to post them all! Here were a few of our favorite...
The Stingrays... 

This one in was HUGE!!

And this ugly thing! It came right to the window and should sat there staring at us!

Here is a walk-through tunnel

Doing some more exploring!

The views of this place were incredible!! So pretty!

This is the famous slide of Atlantis, Leap of Faith! It was so big once you were right up under it. I so wish I could have done it, oh well! Paul did though! I was kinda shocked, seeing how he is kinda afraid of heights! But I finally got him to do it!

 Paul in line with Eddy...

 And there he goes! I'm so glad I got proof!!

 Paul and I before the dinner and banquet Friday evening

 Me and Sarah..wife of a co-worker!

The Ft. Worth boys who made it, Paul, Bryan, and Adam

The gals....Sarah, me, Kelly, Addy (Apex worker from Dallas office), and Julie

 The banquet hall! There were close to four hundred people on this trip...about two hundred were actual Apex employees, the rest were spouses.

Paul being called up for his award! Good job babe!

Yes, we spent the majority of our days either at the pool or on the beach, however, those pics didn't make the cut, HA!

Atlantis is such a crazy resort! So big and so pretty! Definitely a place everyone should go! We are so fortunate to have been able to go, and really I have my awesome hubby to thank for working so hard and making this trip!!

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Brittany Stokes said...

So pretty!!! You look very preggo!!! Can't believe Levi went to the Bahamas and I will prob never go!