Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lil' Jack

Here is my Little Lumberjack Lane!
He is finally able to wear his cute little SFA outfit! Just wanted to share!
One more day until the weekend!

Monday, August 25, 2008

5 Months!

Today Lane is five months old! He is growing like a weed! I've pretty much mentioned previously all the new things he is doing. And sadly, I didn't get a chance to snap a picute of him today. Our house has been pretty busy the past couple of days. School started today and I am learning how to balance getting school stuff done and having a very active, very alert five month old!!! I wouldn't change any of it though!! Along the lines of very first group of kiddos are freshman this year!!! Yikes!! It doesn't feel like I've been teaching that long!
I had pretty good first day back. Kids all seemed sweet! Right now at least!!
I'm looking forward to this weekend. Paul's mother, sister, and our nephew are coming in town this weekend. It should be fun to see the boys together!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Good Week

Well our first week back at work went pretty well. Lane had his first full week at daycare. He did great all week! He took to his teachers fast. It was hard leaving him but it was good to get back into the swing of things. Daddy is the dropper-offer, which probably helps me get through it! And I pick up....which is the best part of my day, walking through the door and seeing his sweet little face!
Here is a pic of Lane on his first morning of daycare. And the rest are just some cute ones of him I wanted to share from the week!I was reading the mail and he was "reading" his book! It's never to young to start reading!!!
"Mommy was doing my laundry and daddy decided it would be funny to put me in my laundry basket and pull me around the floor! I liked it!"

This video is so cute! Paul was playing with Lane and he was very giggly that afternoon!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Video Time

So here are a couple of videos of Lane...This first one is when Lane rolled over for the first time!!! I actually caught it on tape! (If you want to hear the audio on the videos, you need to go down to the very bottom of my page and turn off the music player.)

This is a video of how Lane rolls over now. Almost every time Paul or I put him on his back he flips over!! He is getting pretty quick at it! It's so cute!

And this video is of Lane in his favorite toy, his Rainforest Jumper!! The best purchase we ever made!! He gets in it and goes so fast!

In other news, my summer has officially ended which means Lane is off to day care tomorrow! We have had a great summer together and I have loved being at home with him, but I do feel like we are leaving him in good hands! It just still can't believe summer is over...oh well.

In one more other is my sister Rachel's 16th birthday! Happy Sweet 16 Rachel!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Things

Some new "firsts" have been happening with Little Lane man! Although he remains a devoted pacifer user...he has now become a finger sucker as well...he loves to suck on his pointer finger! He switches back and forth between the two!He has also started eating baby food!!! We started about a week after he turned four months! He seems to like it...I mean anything we put in his mouth he would love! So far he has had sweet potatoes, carrots and squash. He is not a messy eater..unless daddy is feeding him then he is....the picture below is definitely when daddy had the job!

And two days ago Lane rolled over!!!!! We were playing and he was pulling his leg over and trying, so I thought I would grab the video recorder just in case, and sure enough he did it!!! I'm so glad I caught it on tape so that Paul could see it! I am going to try and post it on here as well! Today we were playing and everytime I laid him on his back he rolled cute!

And lastly, for about a week now little man has been sleeping in his own room!! After four months in his pack 'n' play beside our bed, daddy said it was time!! He has been doing well in there so hopefully he will get used to it!

I can't believe how fast things are changing! It truly feels like yesterday when he was a tiny little thing not moving and barely eating 3 ounces of formula! Now look where we are!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Good Times in Austin

This past Friday Paul and I headed down to Austin and met up with three other couple friends for a little Austin getaway! It was nice to get out of town and have some fun, and there's no better place for that than Austin. We stayed at a nice hotel...did some shopping....had good food...did plenty of bar hopping and just enjoyed ourselves! Here is the whole gang from left to right: Pablo and Arlette, me and Paul, Zack and Stefanie, and Jennifer and Caleb.The best part of the trip was meeting some hotties! Brad, from the Bachelor, and Jeremy, from the previous Bachelorette season just happened to be hanging out in one of his bars! All of us girls just couldn't leave without a picture...they were great sports and were super nice!
And finally, no Austin trip is complete without a trip to the Co-op for some new Longhorn gear! We are counting down the days until football season in the Furr house!!!!!!!! And this year we have Lane man...maybe he will catch onto this whole football thing!

Family shot!

My two cutties!

While we were out of town, Lane spent his very first night ever away from Paul and I. We dropped him off in Waco to stay with my aunt Angie. He had so much fun playing with Haley and Jared!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

North Carolina!

Our trip to North Carolina was great! I have to brag on Lane...he did awesome, on both the plane ride there and back! Majority of the flights he slept, and when he was awake he was looking around or drinking a bottle! He hardly made a peep on both flights! I received many compliments on him!
Now, with that being said, let me go back to the beginning of our trip! On our first flight over I had an aisle seat. Lane was asleep in my arms and the attendants were doing their drink service. They were right by my seat, and all of the sudden something hot hits Lane and I...yep, she split coffee all over me and on Lane's poor little head! Majority of it was on me so its was pretty hot, when I realized what had happened I quickly wiped Lane's head...but he woke up and started crying. Luckily, he setteled down. However, the flight attendant was very eager to make sure that I would not do anything I guess b/c from then on out she was totally kissing up to me, offering me stuff and constantly checking on was pretty funny!
Here is Lane on the plane!
So after that we made it mom and sis were picking us up and we were waiting at suitcase arrives...wait wait wait...hum...where is the car seat!!!?? NOT IN N.C.!!! They lost my car seat..of all things to take off a plane!! Talk about luck right. So after cooling down from being mad, talking to the airline, we got a "loner" carseat to use b/c we could not go anywhere without here is the one the airport gave us...nice huh!

We did get it back early the next morning!
Our whole trip was alot of fun. Lane got some good grandma time in! Between my mom, stepdad, and two sisters, I honestly did not even hold him much!! They loved on him all day every day! This next pic is of Lane and Shelby, our toy poodle....At first Shelby was very interested in Lane and vice versa...but then Lane pulled out a chunck of her hair and that about did it! For the rest of the time Shelby wanted nothing to do with Lane! But Lane loved her and always reached our for her when she was near!

Lane was very spolied this past week! He got his first taste of some popsicles! He loved them!

On one day we went out to the Outer Banks of N.C. It was very pretty...we stopped by a light house (my first one), and went to the beach for a while....which again, Lane loved!

Here is Rachel, Lane and my momLane and Aunt Brittany

I am so glad that we got to go visit my family. It was Lane's first out of state trip and he will probably never even remember it!

I'm Back!

So I am back from my trip! I got back Thursday afternoon....and was very tired. I was busy that day unpacking and doing laundry so I did not have time to post. Then Friday morning Paul and I headed down to Austin for a fun weekend with some friends! So I have had NO time to post!! Lane got to spend time in Waco with my aunt and cousins...his first night away ever from both Paul and I....and I am still in Waco right now and will be home tonight...I have so much to post about our North Carolina trip and our Austin trip!

And what made our Austin trip was meeting two "celebs" so to speak!!! I'm not goin g to say who right have to keep reading!! But I'll give a couple of hints...they are very good looking...have been on TV recently...and have a common 'girl'!

These were our last little getaways for the summer....I have about a week left before I'm back at work. So I will have to enjoy it!