Sunday, August 10, 2008

I'm Back!

So I am back from my trip! I got back Thursday afternoon....and was very tired. I was busy that day unpacking and doing laundry so I did not have time to post. Then Friday morning Paul and I headed down to Austin for a fun weekend with some friends! So I have had NO time to post!! Lane got to spend time in Waco with my aunt and cousins...his first night away ever from both Paul and I....and I am still in Waco right now and will be home tonight...I have so much to post about our North Carolina trip and our Austin trip!

And what made our Austin trip was meeting two "celebs" so to speak!!! I'm not goin g to say who right have to keep reading!! But I'll give a couple of hints...they are very good looking...have been on TV recently...and have a common 'girl'!

These were our last little getaways for the summer....I have about a week left before I'm back at work. So I will have to enjoy it!

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