Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mama's New Ride!

Hello Tahoe!!!!!
Yesterday Paul and I got this lovely thing.....
and I absolutely love it!!! We have been wanting to trade in my X-Terra for awhile...just waiting for the right time. And we did it! It's a brand new 2010 Tahoe! Lane loves his new car as well! He keeps saying "mommas new car"!!
We are getting the DVD system installed on Wednesday!!
I was a little sad to be saying bye to my was my very first car to buy right after I started teaching! But upgrades are always nice!
Now I just gotta work on parking this new thing!!!HA!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Putt-Putt Fun

Last Christmas my mom got Lane a cute little fisher price golf set. He loves to get the little clubs out and play golf! So a couple of days ago we were looking for something to do and my mom suggested miniature golf! So we had another "first" for Lane....his first time to play putt-putt!
Here is my little man getting ready! His little putter was so little!
Daddy and Lane
He did so awesome! He watched us then would do the same thing. He hit it maybe once or twice then would just go pick it up and put it in the hole! Here he is very serious!
Placing it in the hole!
Here he goes again...
Daddy, Lane and Rachel went ahead of the rest of us
Grammie and daddy playing
After our game we let Lane ride this little ride...he loved it! He held onto both wheels and smiled the whole time...he even rode it twice.Lane did great...he didn't try to run off at all! I'm sure this was the first of many trips for family putt-putt nights!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Well we've been back since Saturday and finally got the energy to sort through the crazy amount of pictures I took and do a blog post! Our trip was awesome!! It was the second time to be in Vegas for each of us but our first time to go together. We had a great time away, and a great anniversary! While sitting at the pool one day, I realized that since our honeymoon, this was the first big trip we've taken family, no friends, no work people, just Paul and I! I thought that was crazy..but we loved it!
We stayed at Caesars Palace...and it was amazing...I love that hotel and the pool was incredible! Our four days were spent at the pool, sightseeing, eating, drinking, lots of gambling, and seeing two awesome shows! So while there were a ton of pics to choose from, I think these will best document our trip!
This sign speaks for itself...who doesn't get excited about being there!!?

We went into almost all the are the "main Vegas sights"!

I mentioned the pool earlier, and yes I'm not kidding...this pool was awesome! The pool in these pics was the main pool...there were six smaller pools surrounding this one!

Our bathroom mirror had a TV in it...I thought that was too cool and should be a must in every bathroom mirror!!

Night walking in Vegas is the best...not nearly as hot and the views are awesome!
Here we are waiting to eat at the famous New York coffee house Serendipity's! Yes the one from the movie...which I love and is why we had to eat there!
And yes this was really on the menu!! Paul and I couldn't believe this was real!

Here we are trying the famous frozen hot chocolate!! Yummy!
Night 2 we saw the Blue Man Group! I was pretty excited about seeing this, I've heard good things about it, and it definitely did not disappoint! It was a music, color, and rhythm show.
Stopping for pics on our way to the Venetian for the show...

Here we are with one of the guys...they really are kinda freaky!
Paul and the Caesar girls!
Night 3 we saw KA! It is a Cirque du Soleil show at MGM. I've seen one of the Cirque shows and was wanting to see a different one...but kinda had to talk Paul into it...and I'm glad I did! This show rocked, and I highly recommend it to anyone! Even Paul left there saying "WOW"!
Being silly in line
With show peeps
And then on our last day in Vegas....guess who wins big.....
Yep...Paul! He won $1000 on slots! Crazy huh!
Vegas was great...spending four days with Paul alone was great, the shows were great, and bringing home money was great as well!
Our 5th year anniversary was well...great! :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Another Day for Some

For most people, today is another 'ole day...but July 16 will always be Paul and I's special day! This year also marks ten years since we met! So, for memories sake, let's take a look back at how the Furr Family came to be...
Ten years ago I went off to college to a small East Texas town, not knowing that shortly after getting there I would meet my best friend and future husband! Paul and I met in September, began dating shortly after and have been together pretty much ever since...there was one minor break-up...but we won't dwell on that! We spent the next five years going through college together!
In May of '05 we both graduated from SFA! We were also engaged at this point...
Then we packed up and headed to the metroplex to start our lives together!
On July 15th, 2005 we had a fabulous rehearsal dinner...

And on July 16th, 2005
Paul and I became Mr. & Mrs...

Then after a weeks delay due to a Hurricane...thanks Rita!...we jetted down to the Riviera Maya for a honeymoon...
In the two years following, we definitely lived the newly married life! We were living in our cute first apartment, I started teaching, and we took lots of trips with family and friends...
Then on July 18th, 2007 we got the news that would forever change our lives!!! We were having a baby!!

And then in February of '08 we bought our first home!!!

And on March 25th, 2008...our sweet precious baby boy was born!!

We have come SO far together in the past five years since we got married...I am so lucky that I found someone so wonderful as Paul. And though we are far from having it all figured out....I'm so glad that we are on this journey together!!

I love you more than anything!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vegas Bound!

Back in January, Paul e-mailed me at work to tell me that he had just booked us a Vegas trip to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, which is later this week! So tomorrow we are off to Vegas for four days and staying at Ceasars Palace!! We are both so excited to get away and have some time to ourselves! I couldn't have asked for a better anniversary gift!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 4th on the Lake!

Here it is, my 4th of July post coming on the 7th of July! Summer is going by too needs to slow down! This year we headed to Possum Kingdom Lake to spend the fourth with my family. Paul and I haven't been in at least four years or so and this was Lane's first time to go. He had a blast! This child loves to be outdoors, so this was like heaven to him! He could play outside as long as he wanted! And he did! And he had plenty of stuff and plenty of people to keep him busy! The weather was so-so.....not rain but not alot whole lot of sun either....the kids didn't care at all...they swam a ton! We had a great relaxing holiday weekend! Lane and Bree heading to the dock

The kiddos swimming away...Kristen, Haley, Jared, and Chance

Lane watching them jump from the top deck

Zack and Paul on the jet ski

Lane got to take his very first boat ride! There was a bit of crying at first, but the next day he was ready to go! He kept saying boat and on his second ride he was all smiles! Here he is with uncle Mark
Family shot...
Sun setting on the lake
Daddy and Lane...he was checking out his surroundings!
Watching the kids swim on the side of the boat
Mommy and Lane
We saw a copperhead on the steps at the was crazy and scary!! Needless to say it was killed quickly!
Swinging on the dock with aunt Angie and Nana
Nap time
Our washer tournament! We were not kidding around...we had a bracket going and all!
Paul with his game face!
Swinging with Haley....I love his little smile here!

And the washer champs....after a huge comeback from the loser bracket...Team Beatles...John and Paul! This was their "trophy"!!
Before the big firework show that the lake was putting on, the kids and men put on our own firework show on the dock!
Lane liked the fireworks that were far away...ones he could see and not necessarily hear!
It was great to get away to the lake! Hope everyone had a great 4th as well!