Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Viva Mexico!

This morning I took a half day to go to Lane's school. The Kindergarten and two Pre-K classes held a "International Day"! About three weeks ago a letter came home explaining what they would be doing along with a card. Each kid was going to have a fact about their country to learn! Lane's class studied Mexico!!
After lots of practicing his line at home, toady was the day!! It started with a parade around the school! They  had props and posters for their countries! Lane's class was saying "Viva Mexico"! There's my little guy in the sombrero!

After the parade, it was time for the class presentations! The kindergarten class actually was studying countries and each student made a display for their country!

The kinders were precious...some even in cute costumes!

Lane with Mrs. Patty...who is from they have learned all sorts of fun stuff about Mexico!

Lane's class doing their presentation! Each student held a picture that corresponded with their fact! Lane's line was "The currency of Mexico is a peso"! He knew that line and delivered it perfectly! The whole class did!!

Here's his crew!! I love these sweet kids!! Only a few more months left all together, sad day.

And I couldn't leave without a pic with my cutie!!!
I love watching Lane in his "school mode"! He is growing up so fast and learning so much this year! He makes this momma so proud!
Viva Mexico!!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Finished!! And a Phone Dump

What am I finished with?? My 2012 Blog Book!!! Dang those things take awhile! I actually start mine in January and upload and work on it each month throughout the year, so I don't have a whole years worth to do at the end. Somehow I was on top of my game and it is done!! I cannot wait to get it in...I LOVE this years cover!! I will show pics when it comes in!!
Anyway, I have a ton of pics that are on my mostly of the boys that I snap quickly when they are being silly or I when I don't what to forget something! So I need them on here to make it in the blog book. Anyway here is a much needed phone dump!!
Isn't he the cutest thing!? We were on a mission to make chocolate chip cookies one night! The last time we made them, they didn't turn out so hot...these were much better! Paul does the mixing because it makes my arm tired, ha!! I guess that's one reason I may need a Kitchen-Aid mixer...wink wink!!

The Saturday before Christmas break ended, my cousins threw my aunt and uncle as joint surprise 50th bday party! They pulled it off and it was such a fun night!! Here is Kelly and I!

The same weekend, my aunt took the boys out to Six Flags to enjoy the very last day it was open for the season! They had a blast like always! My boys love them some Six Flags!!

Some bath time cup splashing!

Mommy and Levi cuddles!

You can almost always find Levi with cereal in his hands, or should I say mouth! This kid grazes like no other!! He thinks he never eats!!! And stinker boy can open the handles at this house, so he is always coming up to me with a box of cereal or the bag of goldfish! On this day he was just making himself comfortable on the steps...having a snack! He even got the cup by himself!

And yes, those are Lane's shoes! This boy has a thing for shoes! He puts on ANY shoe he can find!

Since I ordered my Christmas cards from Shutterfly, then sent me a $20 dollar gift card!! Score! So I used it on some super cute, new home, address labels...and a fun personalized chevron notepad...I can never have enough note pads!!

Maybe about a week ago, Paul scored some free Mavs tix from a friend. I was going to go but changed my mind last minute, so Lane got to go! It was his very first Mavs game and he LOVED it!! Paul said Lane had the best time...and he even made it one the big screen FOUR times!!! The very next morning, he put on his Mavs jersey, soccer shorts, and insisted that we make him a basketball goal! To cute!

Last Tuesday morning, we woke up to a random snow! I snapped this quick pic as I was backing out of the garage...our street looked so quiet and peaceful! 

That concludes my phone dump! Happy Thursday!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Weekend Recap

Oh, how I love three day weekends....three and a half to be exact! If only we could have Monday's off as well! As usual the weekend zipped by!
Friday night was pretty low key. Dinner and then just hanging out at home! Saturday we lounged all morning and then headed over to Arlington to hang with one of our favorite families, the Collett's! The kids played and played and had a great time! We love hanging out with them....I just need to find a way to get them to move out our way!
After Lane's soccer game on Sunday, the majority of the afternoon was spent in search of some new tennies for the boys! Both of them have outgrown their shoes and were in desperate need! Of course we found some at our very last stop! Oh well they both walked away happy! Lane loves his new kicks!

That night we walked across the street to our new friends, and neighbors, house!! This family moving in has been wonderful! Not only have we made some new friends, but they also have two boys, the same ages as ours!! Our boys LOVE to play together and it couldn't be more perfect!! This is Levi and Preston, the only pic I took all night!
Monday was pretty low key. I did manage to escape to Hobby Lobby for a good while!! I am working on the last project for the boys' playroom! So excited for it!! Levi took a THREE hour nap, which never happens, and Lane had his second dentist visit that afternoon. Paul took him and reported back that he had no cavities!! Awesome! Monday night I snuck away again, back across the street, to have our first "Bachelor watch party" with my two new neighbors, complete with margaritas!! Much better than watching it with Paul, ha!
As good of a weekend we had, we did get some tragic, heartbreaking news Monday morning. My sister-in-law Holly's husband lost his brother in an awful car accident. Nothing can prepare you when you get news like this in your family. We were in shock all morning. Definitely makes you see how fragile life is.
Changing gears...Parenthood is having their finale tonight. It's no secret I love that show and I curious how they are going to end it! 

Monday, January 14, 2013

A Winner, A Swap, and Hard Earned Money!

 Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway!! This morning I had Lane help me select the winner! Very technical, I know, ha! OK so onto the winner....

The Winner is....#5...Brandi Branch!!!
Email me Brandi  at for details to get your print!! 

Switching gears...Paul and I both agree that we want to start early teaching the boys about responsibility  working hard, and earning money! We think now is the perfect time to start teaching Lane. I came up with this chore chart for him! 
There are four things he has to be responsible for each day...they are
1. Brushing his teeth daily.
2. Picking up his toys at the end of the day.
3. Putting his dirty clothes in his laundry basket in his closet.
4. And doing his homework. (He has it three days a week).

Not things that unreasonable for him and really not things that he does not do anyway! However the goal here is to 1. Do it on his own, or maybe with one prompt from Paul or I and 2. Doing these chores learning that he can earn money if he works hard!
I am so excited to start this with him. The only thing Paul and I are unsure on is his earnings!! I've seen different people do different things. I've seen they earn their age in cash at the end of the week...which I think is what we are leaning towards...I've seen a quarter for each thing...I don't really know!!! So do any of you other awesome moms out there have a system like this in place...and if so how did you come up with how much is an appropriate amount they can earn each week??? Please share!!
And one last FUN thing for your Monday!! Back in the Fall I saw a blog that hosted a Scarf Swap. Basically you sign up, get paired with another blogger and send each other a scarf! Just something fun! Well I had missed it and told myself I would participate in it the next year! Well today, while reading some blogs I follow, I saw that two bloggers are hosting a "Valentine Favorites Swap"!!

How fun is this...same idea..just sending some of your favorite things to another blogger! Aside from maybe meeting a new blogger friend, who wouldn't like to get a box of goodies in the mail!! You can go to this blog to read all the details and sign up if you want!! I know I am!!
OK, I think this is enough for today!! Happy Monday!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Giveaway Time!

I am so excited to be hosting my first giveaway on my blog!! I know it's something that you will love!
If you know me at all, you know I love a cute printable!! Well, I have been scouring the Internet for cute prints for the boys' playroom and stumbled across this adorable alphabet baseball print!

I immediately fell in love with it and had to have it!!! It was perfect for my baseball loving boys and was in the right color combo!
I ordered it, made a few custom changes and received it back it no time!
Colleen from CoCo Stine was wonderful to work with! She has so many cute prints to are some of my favorite:

I know you have seen these "What a Difference a Day Makes" prints all over Pinterest!

Or what about this cute anniversary print!

And maybe you need a sweet little reminder of all the details of your baby's birth framed!

So many options!
So I am excited to tell you that Colleen from CoCo Stine is giving away one FREE PDF of your choice to one lucky Furr Four reader!!
How to Enter:
Head on over to her Etsy shop, look around, then come back here to my blog and leave a comment telling me which one you love!! Don't worry you DO NOT have to have a blog in order to leave a comment!
The giveaway will be open until Monday morning and I will announce the winner Monday afternoon here!!
So, what are you waiting on, head on over and take a look at all of their super cute prints!!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Welcome 2013

I know I'm about a week late on posting a New Year's post...but better late than never right! 2012 was a great year for the Furrs! I'm not one to make real "New Year Resolutions", but I saw this outline on this blog and loved it. It's a fun little way to get in the right frame of mind moving into a brand New Year!!

I've also seen on several blogs people choosing a "Word of the Year" that they choose just to kind of be a theme and reminder for them throughout the year. After much thought, my word of the year is....
I choose Enjoy for a couple of reasons...
*I want to truly slow down this year and really Enjoy my life. I don't want to take anything for granted.
*I want to Enjoy my boys every singe day...the good, the bad, and the ugly of parenting!! Time is flying by and as the song goes "Your gonna miss this...Your gonna want this back"! That's how I feel recently!! Lane is going to be FIVE years old in two short months and I just want him to bottle him up right now and keep him this age for a little while longer! And sweet Levi is changing every day. It's scary and sad how fast your kids grow!
*Weeknights can get crazy and hectic and I just want to slow down and Enjoy life!
I already know we have some fun things awaiting us in 2013....
Lane turning 5...such a milestone birthday!
Disney World
Celebrating 8 years of marriage to my main man
Lane starting Kindergarten
Levi will turn 2
Possible career changes
I can't wait to see what else 2013 has in store for the Furr Family!! Happy (late) New years from my crazy family to yours!!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Road Trip

Two days after Christmas my mom, Rachel, Aunt Angie, Haley, Jared, and Nana all left to Arizona for about five days to visit my sister and her family!! And Lane went with them!! He had no issues leaving us to go visit Brody!!
It was a fun filled four days! They went to the zoo, Tombstone, and Old Tucson! Lane had a blast playing with Brody, Aunt Brittant, and Uncle Cory!
My mom, aunt, and Haley sent me lots of pictures of their fun!
Driving Brody's power wheel he got for Christmas!
In Tombstone
Playing dressup

Mom said Lane loved driving through the mountains!
And it snowed there on New Years! He got snow twice!

Lots of bath fun!

And while he was gone, it was just me, daddy, and Levi!! Poor thing was lost without his bubba! He would wake up every morning and ask where Lane was! He was SO excited when he got back!!
.Lots of thanks to my mom and Aunt who took Lane with them!!! He had a blast and got lots of family time!!