Saturday, January 5, 2013

Road Trip

Two days after Christmas my mom, Rachel, Aunt Angie, Haley, Jared, and Nana all left to Arizona for about five days to visit my sister and her family!! And Lane went with them!! He had no issues leaving us to go visit Brody!!
It was a fun filled four days! They went to the zoo, Tombstone, and Old Tucson! Lane had a blast playing with Brody, Aunt Brittant, and Uncle Cory!
My mom, aunt, and Haley sent me lots of pictures of their fun!
Driving Brody's power wheel he got for Christmas!
In Tombstone
Playing dressup

Mom said Lane loved driving through the mountains!
And it snowed there on New Years! He got snow twice!

Lots of bath fun!

And while he was gone, it was just me, daddy, and Levi!! Poor thing was lost without his bubba! He would wake up every morning and ask where Lane was! He was SO excited when he got back!!
.Lots of thanks to my mom and Aunt who took Lane with them!!! He had a blast and got lots of family time!!

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