Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Day

Finally getting caught up with all my holiday posts!!! Scroll down after this for Christmas Eve fun!!Warning....this post it super long with lots of pics!!
Our boys must have been very good this year because Santa sure was nice!!! Santa and his helpers were up for awhile putting together all the toys!! 

Wow, Santa even found race car wrapping paper just for Lane man!

We were up bright and early thanks to Lane! I made them wait just a few minutes so I could get ready with the camera!

Someone was excited.

He went straight for the Jeep!!

 It was time for stockings first then presents!!

Levi went straight for the slide and was content! He didn't care for opening anything else! So we let him be and let Lane get to opening!!

He eventually let daddy help him!

Sweet face

For Lane's last present, Santa told him to go upstairs to the media room!! It was a huge race track!! Lane was PUMPED! He played with this all morning!

After Santa gifts, we opened family gifts! My mom bought the boys these cute Santa bags from Pottery Barn! All her gifts to the boys were in them!

 My favorite gift were these adorable personalized Spiderman sleeping bags from PBK! The inside was this comic fabric...she also got them a pillowcase in this same comic fabric...Precious!!!

Before we knew was snowing!!!

The boys wasted NO time in getting out in it!! This was Levi's very first snow!!

How crazy that we got a White Christmas!!! Lane said a couple times that "This Christmas is amazing!"

That night my family came over to do Christmas! We ate, drank, opened gifts, played games, and had a lot of fun!
These boys were completely spoiled by my family!

Lane wasting no time in playing with new toys!

How could we not put a Santa hat on this sweet baby!!??

Every year we do a White Elephant for all the adults...this year it was a "Gift Card" theme! Everyone brought a $25 gift card to was fun!!

 The 1st Christmas in our new house was perfect!! And the snow just topped it off for Lane! I love holidays with kiddos...and I can't wait for next year when Levi is a little more into it! I am so glad that my mom and sister were here!

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Branch said...

So jealous you guys got snow! So much fun!!!