Monday, January 14, 2013

A Winner, A Swap, and Hard Earned Money!

 Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway!! This morning I had Lane help me select the winner! Very technical, I know, ha! OK so onto the winner....

The Winner is....#5...Brandi Branch!!!
Email me Brandi  at for details to get your print!! 

Switching gears...Paul and I both agree that we want to start early teaching the boys about responsibility  working hard, and earning money! We think now is the perfect time to start teaching Lane. I came up with this chore chart for him! 
There are four things he has to be responsible for each day...they are
1. Brushing his teeth daily.
2. Picking up his toys at the end of the day.
3. Putting his dirty clothes in his laundry basket in his closet.
4. And doing his homework. (He has it three days a week).

Not things that unreasonable for him and really not things that he does not do anyway! However the goal here is to 1. Do it on his own, or maybe with one prompt from Paul or I and 2. Doing these chores learning that he can earn money if he works hard!
I am so excited to start this with him. The only thing Paul and I are unsure on is his earnings!! I've seen different people do different things. I've seen they earn their age in cash at the end of the week...which I think is what we are leaning towards...I've seen a quarter for each thing...I don't really know!!! So do any of you other awesome moms out there have a system like this in place...and if so how did you come up with how much is an appropriate amount they can earn each week??? Please share!!
And one last FUN thing for your Monday!! Back in the Fall I saw a blog that hosted a Scarf Swap. Basically you sign up, get paired with another blogger and send each other a scarf! Just something fun! Well I had missed it and told myself I would participate in it the next year! Well today, while reading some blogs I follow, I saw that two bloggers are hosting a "Valentine Favorites Swap"!!

How fun is this...same idea..just sending some of your favorite things to another blogger! Aside from maybe meeting a new blogger friend, who wouldn't like to get a box of goodies in the mail!! You can go to this blog to read all the details and sign up if you want!! I know I am!!
OK, I think this is enough for today!! Happy Monday!!

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Laura said...

It took me forever to find a system I liked for getting money into my kids hands so that I could teach them about money.

I combined two things I found... teachings from Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace Jr. and something I read in Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours.

I had decided that I did not want to pay my kids to do things that hey should simply learn to be responsible for. I don't get paid to pick up after myself (that's real life!) so I don't pay them to pick up after themselves either. This thinking made it super hard for me to come up with a plan. I wanted to teach them to give/save/spend some. (Financial Peace Jr.) But I didn't want to pay them for things they should do simply because they are part of the family.

Then when I was reading Making Children Mind they had a few paragraphs about allowance. They said that I should treat it the same as I do myself. In my budget there is a catergory called "blow money." I get a certain amount and so does my husband. That is money that we each get to spend (blow) however we want each month. This book suggested that we just write the kids into the budget as well. Give them their blow money.

Liza is 6 and Jason is almost 5. We give them $5 twice a month. But here's the thing... they may not be earning their money but they certainly can lose it! If they don't want to clean their own rooms that's fine but they will have to pay someone else to do it... because a cleaning service isn't free. So say Jason doesn't want to clean his room but Liza would like to make a buck... she can clean it for him and he will pay her.

Whew... that's how we do money with the kids anyways haha. It's likely different than a lot of people but it works for us.