Thursday, January 24, 2013

Finished!! And a Phone Dump

What am I finished with?? My 2012 Blog Book!!! Dang those things take awhile! I actually start mine in January and upload and work on it each month throughout the year, so I don't have a whole years worth to do at the end. Somehow I was on top of my game and it is done!! I cannot wait to get it in...I LOVE this years cover!! I will show pics when it comes in!!
Anyway, I have a ton of pics that are on my mostly of the boys that I snap quickly when they are being silly or I when I don't what to forget something! So I need them on here to make it in the blog book. Anyway here is a much needed phone dump!!
Isn't he the cutest thing!? We were on a mission to make chocolate chip cookies one night! The last time we made them, they didn't turn out so hot...these were much better! Paul does the mixing because it makes my arm tired, ha!! I guess that's one reason I may need a Kitchen-Aid mixer...wink wink!!

The Saturday before Christmas break ended, my cousins threw my aunt and uncle as joint surprise 50th bday party! They pulled it off and it was such a fun night!! Here is Kelly and I!

The same weekend, my aunt took the boys out to Six Flags to enjoy the very last day it was open for the season! They had a blast like always! My boys love them some Six Flags!!

Some bath time cup splashing!

Mommy and Levi cuddles!

You can almost always find Levi with cereal in his hands, or should I say mouth! This kid grazes like no other!! He thinks he never eats!!! And stinker boy can open the handles at this house, so he is always coming up to me with a box of cereal or the bag of goldfish! On this day he was just making himself comfortable on the steps...having a snack! He even got the cup by himself!

And yes, those are Lane's shoes! This boy has a thing for shoes! He puts on ANY shoe he can find!

Since I ordered my Christmas cards from Shutterfly, then sent me a $20 dollar gift card!! Score! So I used it on some super cute, new home, address labels...and a fun personalized chevron notepad...I can never have enough note pads!!

Maybe about a week ago, Paul scored some free Mavs tix from a friend. I was going to go but changed my mind last minute, so Lane got to go! It was his very first Mavs game and he LOVED it!! Paul said Lane had the best time...and he even made it one the big screen FOUR times!!! The very next morning, he put on his Mavs jersey, soccer shorts, and insisted that we make him a basketball goal! To cute!

Last Tuesday morning, we woke up to a random snow! I snapped this quick pic as I was backing out of the garage...our street looked so quiet and peaceful! 

That concludes my phone dump! Happy Thursday!!


Jamie said...

I can't believe you're already finished with your 2012 book! I just finished my 2011 book! I'm so slow! Thanks again for the chair!!

Loren Williamson said...

Tara: How do you make your blog book? What program do you use? Do you just take your post and transfer them over, or is it more just a picture book?

Thanks for the info.