Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fan Fest

Once again,we braved the cold in the name of sports!!! This time is was to the Ranger Ballpark for Fanfest! Let me say that we bought these ticktes well before we knew it was going to be freezing out....however after much thought we decided to still go out for just a little bit! My uncle Mark came down with Zack and Jared as well as two friends and despite the cold we actually had a good time!! I must say that I found all the places indoors to stay warm, and it did help that we were "underground if you will" touring the club house, weight room and other areas that you never see, so it really wasn't too bad! I think Jared and Lane had the best time by far!! Here are some pics...
Jared with Captain

Jared and Lane in the dugout! Lane had on lots of layers....

and stayed nice and warm bundeld up in his stoller.....until.....we got on the field...and then he saw the field and wanted out! So we let him out to run the bases and man oh man, he LOVED it!! He ran around the bases three times, then Paul had to carry him away crying! My sweet boy!

Run Lane Run!!!

Daddy and Lane on the field!
Jared coming home!

Future Rangers!!
(a.ka. Zack and his friends...too cool to smile!)
And this was our baby on our way hat and all!!! This was Saturday and he has yet to take this hat off for longer than 20 minutes or so...he even had to go to sleep with it on!! Sweet boy!

So maybe just maybe Lane will make it to a Ranger game this season!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Splash of Color

For Christmas Lane got all sorts of fun bath toys! And we have been working on Lane with his colors so what better way then to have a little fun with color during bath time! These little bath drops come in red, blue, and yellow and are completely dye free!! No staining your baby or your bathtub!!
.Here Lane is taking a GREEN bath!

Here he is with RED!

He also got some bath crayons! And he loves to write all over the walls! Here is some of his art work!

We are having fun making all different colors...and it's rare now that we take a "normal" bath!

Monday, January 25, 2010

22 Months!

Today my little man is 22 months! It is so crazy to even think that in two short months he will be TWO!!!! YIKES....a two year old!!! Anyway, its been a while since I've done a monthly update so I thought I needed to do one! So Lane, here is a little about you now...
* You have become quite the little parrot! You are a little chatter box and will attempt almost everything you hear. Within the past two months your vocabulary has increased tremendously....everyday I hear a new little word out of you! To list all the words you say would be difficult but some of your favorite include: mommy, daddy, bye-bye, Elmo, Gabba, eat, milk, basketball (which you say g-git-ball), football, Bevo, outside, and of course we cannot forget paci! Which he now actually pronounces correctly instead of packy!
*You are completly obssessed with Yo Gabba Gabba. You ask for it all the time and you are actually learning alot from it, such as counting.
*You love to jump!
*You are a picky your mama. It is a daily struggle to get you to eat! However, for some reason breakfast is your best meal! You will chow down in the morning!
*You love to play the Wii (baseball). You've spent alot of time watching your daddy play and you know how to do it!
*You know three animals by name: dog, cow, cat, and can tell me the sound they make.
*You can identify yours or someone elses eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, hair, and ears when asked!
*You can recognize and name people from our family when you see them in pictures.
*You are still lovin your pacifier!!
*Your little personality is coming through and even your little temper!! Oh how it's going to be a struggle disciplining you in the future!!
*You are still a skinny little are still wearing 18 month bottoms!!
*And you just are the cutest little thing! I love each new day with you, watching you grow up and seeing you learn new things!!
Party planning is definitely in gear for his 2nd birthday party, which I hope he will love!!
So I leave you with new pics of my handsome little boy who is looking more like a little man each and every day!!

With his buddy Elmo!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just Like Daddy

Yes we are still here!! I have been bad at blogging so far this year! This past week has been crazy....getting back into school....Lane trying to adjust in a new class at daycare...and well I just have not had time to blog much And throw in Lane being sick since Sunday and well....not fun!!
Anyway....we have been wanting to get a new entertainment center and we found one we liked so Paul was doing a little measuring of the wall. And when he was done Lane was very interested in the tape we let him have it and I showed him how to pull the tape out....and then sure enough little man walked over to the wall and started measuring....just like Paul!!! It was so cute and I grabbed my camera!! Lane loves his daddy and wants to do everything he does!! I love seeing him imitate is precious!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Getting Ready!!!

Less than 24 hours and counting till kickoff!!!
Let's Go Texas!!!