Thursday, May 28, 2015

Moving On...

This past weekend we had TWO graduations in the family! Bree graduated from UT and her brother Garrett graduated high school!!!
The plan was to go to Austin Saturday, spend the day, then drive back super early Sunday to go to Garretts...but baseball and the weather changed our plans and we didn't make the trip to Austin. Sunday however, once the rest of the family got back from Austin,  we all met for a celebratory lunch at Joe Ts then headed to graduation!

The two graduates!!

Everyone is growing up way too fast!!! We are so proud of you both!!!!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Readers Restaurant

This past Friday, all the first graders hosted a Readers Restaurant! It was their end of the year reading showcase and it was seriously too cute!
It started off with each "server" coming to get their guests from the hall. They said this whole welcome speech that they memorized then guided us into the classroom to our tables.

Once at our seats, my server started his whole prepared spill.... gave me a sampling of a dish via an ipad app video that he made.

My menu!

A little fiction, a little nonfiction, and some personal writing samples!! Love it!!

I got to pick a book from each category, then he would go to the "kitchen" and select that book, bring it back server style, and read it to me!!

This was my dessert...a sweet little poem! We also got cookies and juice!

We also had some entertainment...the whole class performed a poem/song and it was so cute!

The whole thing was adorable and it was such a fun way to show off the kids reading progress this year...and it was a lot!!
So proud of the reader my boy is becoming!!

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Monday, May 18, 2015

A Sweet New Smile

 Happy Monday friends!! Yesterday we hit a big milestone in the Furr house!! A very long awaited day for Lane man....he FINALLY lost his first tooth!!
He has watched many a friend lose teeth, some up to two years ago, and finally it was his turn. He got wiggly teeth about three weeks ago, and he has been so so excited!!
Yesterday it was finally ready and after a quick pull, it came right out and he was so happy!!!

The tooth fairy was pretty generous for his first tooth!!!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Reading Challenge: Month 4

Back again with a little recap of what I read in the month of April....
Two really good books! 

#10....hausfrau....I stumbled upon this on Amazon and the cover caught my attention. After reading the summary I bought it and began reading! I will say that this was nothing like what I expected. It was kinda depressing in's set in Zurich, and at the beginning I was very thrown off by the amount of German language and almost said to heck with it because I was so confused. But then got past it and it became more tells the story of a married woman who is VERY unhappy with her life and how she is dealing with it...which was surprising!! Heads up on some very graphic "scenes"! It's being compared to “a modern-day Anna Karenina tale.”* I've never read that story so I wouldn't know! Overall it was decent...I don't know if I would recommend this to everyone, but it was a very deep, dark, read...with a crazy ending!

#11....Going off Script....It's no secret I'm a huge Giuliana Ranic fan. I love her show, I love her husband, I love how open and funny she it. So when her book came out I downloaded it right away! Even though I felt like I knew a lot of what was going to be in the book, because she is so candid on her show and in life in general, I was surprised about how much I didn't know about her! Like how she was so "ghetto" and "wild" and plain out hilarious at times. I would definitely recommend this one if you're a fan!!

I'd love to hear what you're reading now!!

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Birthday Party Fun-Hook Style

This past weekend we celebrated Levi at his birthday party! What started as a Paw Patrol Party quickly changed gears with his new found obsession of Peter Pan and Captain Hook, namely with the movie 'Hook'! He watches it daily, and so it was only fitting to have a "Hook" themed birthday!!

He had so much fun with his sweet friends and they jumped the afternoon away, ate cake, and played with hooks and swords!!

Super simple set-up...

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So I fell a little behind here recently, so I just now getting around to blog Levi's birthday!
On April 29th my little Levi turned FOUR!!! After all the hype of Lane's b-day, he was so excited for his birthday to get here! 

He woke up to find some presents awaiting him....

Then it was candles and doughnut holes for breakfast!!

I brought a cookie cake to school to celebrate with his class!!

 And then after practices that night it was the birthday boys choice of dinner...good ole McDonalds!!

I can't believe my baby is four!!! These four years have flown by so incredibly fast, faster than it did with Lane!! I love you Levi Austin!!! Happy 4th Birthday!!

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