Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Readers Restaurant

This past Friday, all the first graders hosted a Readers Restaurant! It was their end of the year reading showcase and it was seriously too cute!
It started off with each "server" coming to get their guests from the hall. They said this whole welcome speech that they memorized then guided us into the classroom to our tables.

Once at our seats, my server started his whole prepared spill.... gave me a sampling of a dish via an ipad app video that he made.

My menu!

A little fiction, a little nonfiction, and some personal writing samples!! Love it!!

I got to pick a book from each category, then he would go to the "kitchen" and select that book, bring it back server style, and read it to me!!

This was my dessert...a sweet little poem! We also got cookies and juice!

We also had some entertainment...the whole class performed a poem/song and it was so cute!

The whole thing was adorable and it was such a fun way to show off the kids reading progress this year...and it was a lot!!
So proud of the reader my boy is becoming!!

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