Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Reading Challenge: Month 4

Back again with a little recap of what I read in the month of April....
Two really good books! 

#10....hausfrau....I stumbled upon this on Amazon and the cover caught my attention. After reading the summary I bought it and began reading! I will say that this was nothing like what I expected. It was kinda depressing in's set in Zurich, and at the beginning I was very thrown off by the amount of German language and almost said to heck with it because I was so confused. But then got past it and it became more tells the story of a married woman who is VERY unhappy with her life and how she is dealing with it...which was surprising!! Heads up on some very graphic "scenes"! It's being compared to “a modern-day Anna Karenina tale.”* I've never read that story so I wouldn't know! Overall it was decent...I don't know if I would recommend this to everyone, but it was a very deep, dark, read...with a crazy ending!

#11....Going off Script....It's no secret I'm a huge Giuliana Ranic fan. I love her show, I love her husband, I love how open and funny she it. So when her book came out I downloaded it right away! Even though I felt like I knew a lot of what was going to be in the book, because she is so candid on her show and in life in general, I was surprised about how much I didn't know about her! Like how she was so "ghetto" and "wild" and plain out hilarious at times. I would definitely recommend this one if you're a fan!!

I'd love to hear what you're reading now!!

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Laura said...

Stopping by from MMD. I read Hausfrau recently and feel pretty much the same about it. . . . It's really well written but I couldn't relate to the character--her issues are so different than mine . . . and it's too explicit for my taste. But yeah, still compelling.