Saturday, December 26, 2009

Stay and Read a While!!

So I am getting caught up on my posts! We have had a full house this week and between shopping, the Gaylord, baking, getting out in the winter storm (ha), and enjoying Christmas, I've had NO time to blog!! Not to mention I somehow caught laryngitis last Saturday and I completly lost my voice and have been a little under. But I am slowly getting over it! Anyway, here are several posts to catch you up!!
Christmas Morning '09
A White Christmas Eve
Gaylord and ICE
UT-UNC Basketball
Buckets of Fun
So keep scrolling down!

Christmas Morning '09!

We had a great Christmas morning here! Having two little ones made it extra special! Santa sure was good to these two! Here is what all Santa left. (lots of pics coming) Lane's loot!

Santa left Lane and Brody special letters!

I love this picture, this was Lane running in the room!
"Wow, look at my stuff!
Daddy helping Lane open his gifts!

Pulling out his stocking goodies
"Hey, Brody's toys look fun too!"
Sweet Brody on Christmas morning...he changed to match Lane's pj's!
This trampoline was from Aunt Brittany and Uncle Cory! By far his favorite gift! This boy LOVES to jump! It is so cute watching truly is his happy place right now!
Brody and all his gifts! He sure has been a good boy in the whole two months he's been here!! Ha!
After gifts we let Lane head out to play in the snow!

He loved the snow...and now when he sees snow he calls it snowman! Not real sure where he got that from but its sweet! We had a grat Christmas, we are so blessed and I love that all my family was here!

A White Christmas Eve

Wow, what a Christmas Eve we had! I don't have a whole lot of pics this year because we got stuck out in the crazy blizzard like storm that blew through!! We went out that afternoon to get the boys pictures taken, the hubbies went to a movie, and by the time we all got home it was about 8:00 o' clock and we had a ton to do!

So I made a yummy enchilada dinner for all, got the boys ready for bed in their Christmas pj's from Grammie, made sugar cookies, fudge, cupcakes, and then played Santa!! My favorite part!

My sister trying to shovel ice from my we did not make it up to the garage!So pretty

My little snowman!

Little Brody

Lane playing a little Wii

Yummy cupcakes

I loved the white Christmas we got this year! I hope everyone was home safe and had a fun night!

Gaylord and ICE

One of our Christmas traditions is to go out to the Gaylord and enjoy all their Christmas decor. So we headed out on the Eve before Christmas Eve to the Gaylord, got Santa pics and went through the Ice exhibit, which this year was How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and it was so good! Me and my little bundle of joy!
His parka was huge on him..totally reminded me of the little boy on the Christmas Story who couldn't move!
Jared and Lane waiting in line...don't know what face he was making!

The kiddos
Lane went down the slide all by himself! It was hilarious because he literally stopped and inched down little by little because he did not have enough force to go down!
All the ice was so bright and colorful, all through Lane just looked at everything! He didn't ask once to get down!

All the kids...minus Brody boy, he sat this one out!

We had a great time! Unfortunately Lane did not like Santa this year! So needless to say we have the infamous kid crying with Santa picture! It's still cute!

UT-UNC Basketball

Last weekend my family headed out, again, to Cowboy stadium for some more Texas fun. This time for some basketball action. No tailgating this time, but my mom and sister, who live in North Carolina, were able to go with us! Unlike the Big 12 game, we had awesome seats in the club level, all in all it was pretty neat to be at the first basketball game in the Cowboy stadium and Texas won so all the better!!

The Whole Gang
Me and my man!

The View

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Buckets of Fun!

So I found this amazingly talented lady through the blogging world and fell in love with her work! She makes these adorable any theme imaginable! I had to have a Christmas one for Lane and I ordered one for little Brody as well! They are such a cute little decoration and I will figure out how I want to use it next year!

Check her out...they are so cute!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

From Our Family to Yours...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Meet Bernard!

So, do you see anything unusual on our mantel????
Meet J.K. Rowling herself would call him, our house Elf!
Bernard, named by my husband after the one and only original Elf from The Santa Claus, is our Elf on the Shelf.

This is one of the cutest little traditions ever. The book goes....your Elf watches the children all day and "reports" back to Santa at night...only to "appear" the next morning in a different spot. So not only can you use it as a tool to try and keep your kids to be good....but it becomes a fun little hide and seek game as well!! Even though Lane is too young to really get this, I still brought him out this year! I have caught Lane stealing a glance up at him!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas-Round One

This past weekend we headed down to Victoria to have Christmas with Paul's family. My brother in law, Andy, is in on leave from the Marines, so we all got together to see him as well. We had a good time, and of course it was a speedy trip! Lane and Coen played really well together. He got some good toys. He was not into unwrapping them, but played up a storm once the toys were opened!! Here are the two boys playing cars.Hey dude!

The fun moved outside...neither one one them minded the cool weather!
Sitting like a big boy!

Paul's mom and Slade got Lane a Police car couzy coupe..once Lane saw the box he said "car" and wanted it out right then!! Poor boy didn't understand that you had to put it together first! So, needless to say he did not leave Paul's side until it was put together....and helped out a bit!
And this is the cute little gas pump that came with it!

Lane's ride!!

He can push himself backwards....and has not yet figured out how to go forward! And then at one point he decided to just get out and push it around!
Round one was a blast...more to come!