Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas-Round One

This past weekend we headed down to Victoria to have Christmas with Paul's family. My brother in law, Andy, is in on leave from the Marines, so we all got together to see him as well. We had a good time, and of course it was a speedy trip! Lane and Coen played really well together. He got some good toys. He was not into unwrapping them, but played up a storm once the toys were opened!! Here are the two boys playing cars.Hey dude!

The fun moved outside...neither one one them minded the cool weather!
Sitting like a big boy!

Paul's mom and Slade got Lane a Police car couzy coupe..once Lane saw the box he said "car" and wanted it out right then!! Poor boy didn't understand that you had to put it together first! So, needless to say he did not leave Paul's side until it was put together....and helped out a bit!
And this is the cute little gas pump that came with it!

Lane's ride!!

He can push himself backwards....and has not yet figured out how to go forward! And then at one point he decided to just get out and push it around!
Round one was a blast...more to come!

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