Thursday, June 16, 2016

{Luke James} One Month

(Luke turned one month on June 5th...only a little late)
I cannot believe that Luke is a month old! The days have all blurred together and it feels like it's gone by so fast! He is the best little baby and has fit in perfectly with our family. The big boys are doing great with their new baby brother and are pretty helpful!

Here are some one month things to note:
*Weight: 9 lbs. 10 oz.
*Eating 3-4 oz. every 3-4 hours...more on the four hour mark.
*Sleeping like a champ at night in his rock n play. Only wakes up once!
*Still in newborn diapers and most newborn clothes.
*Loves to be held by anyone.
*His first month brought a trip to Lane's school for field day, a trip to Levi's school for Pre-K Graduation, and his first trip to Southlake Town Square!
*Does not like to have his diapers changed or clothes changed!

Even though I am sad at how fast time is going I sure do look forward to watching this little boy grow!

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Night of No Limits

Lane was chosen to give a group presentation for our districts Night of No Limits, a district wide showcase of student learning! He was one of five kids for second grade! He did this in kindergarten, so he was super excited to get selected again! 

They gave a presentation on the app SeeSaw. It's kind of serves as an e-portfolio where students can upload their work and then comment on it. Parents can also go in and give feedback! It's a pretty neat app, I have it on my phone and love to check it!

They practiced all week and gave a great presentation! So proud of him and his ability to get in front of not only his peers but adults too!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Luke's Sip 'n' See

On Saturday, May 29th we had a little Sip 'n' See for Luke. My sister did a great job putting everything together and it turned out so cute!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Saturday, June 4, 2016

A Few Firsts

We are home and we are all adjusting to being a family of five! I've taken a gazillion pics of little man, so wanted to make sure some of them make the blog book!
First "tub" bath....not a fan!

First Family Walk

First trip to a soccer game!

Field Day & Wrapping up Soccer

Levi, Luke, and I made it up to Lane's field day a week ago! It was hot and muggy but the kids didn't seem to mind much!

These two little brothers looked on with eagerness at each station! Next year Levi!
Also, a few weekends ago, another soccer season for Levi came to an end! This boy rocked it this season! I love to watch him play!

Good job Levi!!

Last Days of School

Another school year has come and gone! My boys rocked 2nd grade and Pre-K!! 
They both had great years and have grown so much!! I love to see their first and last day photos!!

EOY Awards

This year Lane was chosen by his teachers to be inducted into the Respect Corp. It's a leadership group on campus that serves in different ways throughout the year. Its's for 3rd-5th graders and once in you serve throughout the rest of your elementary years! It's such a honor and we are so so proud of Lane!! 

We kept it a secret from Lane till the day of the award ceremony. He had no clue and was surprised!

Then this past Tuesday was his classroom awards. He was awarded for his ability to Think!

He continues to amaze me and we are just so proud of him! We can't wait to see him in the next few years!! Bring on 3rd grade!!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Meeting New People