Saturday, September 26, 2009

A New Do!

Since Lane has hit the big ONE EIGHT...months that is....and with a little bit of daddy urging, we decided that it was the day to leave babyhood and enter boyhood.....yes, we took Lane to get his very first hair cut!! Here was how it went down!

Lane waiting patiently playing a game.

This is the do! It was more or less just a bunch of frizzy hair in the back!

Sitting in the fun car chair!

Putting on the cover.

Spraying him down! He thought it was cold.

Combing his hair...."Hey lady, what are you doing?"

The first cut!! Big moment!

Just watching! Lane did so good!

So handsome!

Now for the tricky part...his ears...we had to bribe him a little with a sucker, and it did the trick! He sat completly still!

And handsome BIG BOY with his new do!!! He looks so old here!
(Front View)
Back View
I am so impressed at how good he did! He officially looks like a toddler!

Friday, September 25, 2009

A Year and A Half!

Today, little man turned 18 months!!! He is becoming such a little boy. His cute little personality is forming more and more as well as his not so cute temper! HA!! I wouldn't go as far as saying terrible two's by any means but we are definitely starting to see resistance and impatience come out!! Oh the fun that lies ahead!! Oh well...Lane here are some things we love about you at 18 months:
*You are not crying anymore when daddy drops you off at daycare.
*Your favorite meal of the day is breakfast, like mommy!
*You love to swing your bat.
*Some of the words that you have mastered are "more, ball, doggie, shoes, book, keys, uh-oh, bye-bye, and your first phrase, thank you! You say thank you after any time I give you something!
*You know where we keep our keys and that you need them to go bye-bye. You stand underneath the holder and say "keys, keys, keys'!
*You already have a keen sense of matching. If you bring me a blue croc, I'll say bring me the matching one, and sure enough you go get the matching shoe!!
*You love your puzzles and can put majority of them together!
*You love love love to play outside....I think if we let you, you'd play outside all day long!
*You call every animal you see a doggie, and then go "woof".
*You still do not like to get changed, you can put up a good fight.
*You love to watch Noggin, espically Blue's Clues and Yo Gabba Gabba. You are so interested when they come on.
*You like to play with your books. And when you want one, you really mean you want the whole basket.
*Whenever daddy is watching baseball on TV, you always stop to watch, grab your bat, swing, then run around! Love it!!
There are a couple areas of concern however. Paul took Lane to his 18 mo. well check this morning. Turns out he is still under weight (shocker) and short. Currently he weighs 22 lbs. He has hovered around 21 lbs. for about 3-4 months or so. So today, when the doc saw that he still is not gaining, she did say that she is a little worried. We scheduled a weight check for December. If he still is not gaining then we may be referred to a specialist of some sort. So, I am just hoping that he starts to gain a little weight and we won't have to mess with that. And as far as the height, well we may just have a short boy on our hands! But you never know! Other than that he is fine, happy, and healthy!
Here are a couple of pics of stinker!
Love that face!

His batting stance! Looking good!

With paci in mouth!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

All by Myself

Lane has now learned how to feed himself with a spoon! He is so cute doing it and wants to use a spoon for everything! Most the times he does very well with it, as in exhibit A below! But there are sometimes when he gets a little CRAZY...see exhibit B...he had a little too much fun with his jello pudding snack!

So we headed straight to the bath tub and he just thought that was so funny!
My little man is growing up too fast! Already able to feed himself! Although it makes me a bit sad, it is so fun to watch your little one learn new things.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tough Decision!

We definitely have a future athlete on our hands! As you can see he is already torn between the two sports!!

Now a days you can usually find Lane with a bat in his hands!!I swear he has to take one wherever we go. We have a pretty decent bat collection going on as well!

It is so cute to watch him play, and trust me when I say daddy doesn't mind at all!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Nothing Better than...


I love the Fall for so many reasons and college football is the biggest! There is nothing better than Saturday gamedays....waking up and watching ESPN's Gameday....eating junk food....lounging around till the game comes on!

And occassionally we get to go to the game, which is even better!! Which is where we were this past Saturday night, good ole Austin! Nothing better than starting off the season at the game! We headed down Satuday morning, met up with my family, ate, shopped, drank and had lots of fun!

Texas looked awesome and won! And to top off the night OU lost...poor Sooners!

Here's to an awesome season!!

With Bevo

Tailgating beforehand

Waiting for the players
Mack fav!


So fun!!

Even though we cannot wait to take Lane to his first UT game, we decided that now is just not the time! He is a very active boy who would never in a million years sit in our laps for a 3 hour game!! So we will have to wait a little longer to introduce him to the stadium!!

However, just because he couldn't go doesn't mean we can't bring a piece to him!! This was Lane Sunday morning playing with Jared!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Little Cheese Ball!

One night last week we went out to dinner at a local Mexican food resturant. Our little stinker discovered queso and went to town with it! I didn't have a camera (or a bib!) so aunt Brittant got out her camera and snapped away and we let him just enjoy the queso! As you can tell for one he LOVED it and two made quite the mess!! Oh Lane its only natural that you grow to love Mexican food just as much as mommy and daddy!!
And apparently he was feeling up to posing for us!

On another note...Lane has been having a rough week starting back to daycare. Each day he is improving a little bit. He just doesn't understand that yes we are coming back! Last year he loved daycare and I'm sure that he will get there again...I just hope its soon b/c its making for some very long worrisome days for mommy!