Monday, September 7, 2009

Nothing Better than...


I love the Fall for so many reasons and college football is the biggest! There is nothing better than Saturday gamedays....waking up and watching ESPN's Gameday....eating junk food....lounging around till the game comes on!

And occassionally we get to go to the game, which is even better!! Which is where we were this past Saturday night, good ole Austin! Nothing better than starting off the season at the game! We headed down Satuday morning, met up with my family, ate, shopped, drank and had lots of fun!

Texas looked awesome and won! And to top off the night OU lost...poor Sooners!

Here's to an awesome season!!

With Bevo

Tailgating beforehand

Waiting for the players
Mack fav!


So fun!!

Even though we cannot wait to take Lane to his first UT game, we decided that now is just not the time! He is a very active boy who would never in a million years sit in our laps for a 3 hour game!! So we will have to wait a little longer to introduce him to the stadium!!

However, just because he couldn't go doesn't mean we can't bring a piece to him!! This was Lane Sunday morning playing with Jared!!

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Rachel and Matt said...

Glad you had fun...I mean as much as I don't like orange..I love College Football! And any day is good when OU loses :) I am with you on that one. Lea brought Emma to the game and she loved it! She climbed a lot between her and my mom but for the most part she was pretty good. Soon enough Lane will be able to enjoy it with y'all. You by chance going to the Thanksgiving game?