Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Little Cheese Ball!

One night last week we went out to dinner at a local Mexican food resturant. Our little stinker discovered queso and went to town with it! I didn't have a camera (or a bib!) so aunt Brittant got out her camera and snapped away and we let him just enjoy the queso! As you can tell for one he LOVED it and two made quite the mess!! Oh Lane its only natural that you grow to love Mexican food just as much as mommy and daddy!!
And apparently he was feeling up to posing for us!

On another note...Lane has been having a rough week starting back to daycare. Each day he is improving a little bit. He just doesn't understand that yes we are coming back! Last year he loved daycare and I'm sure that he will get there again...I just hope its soon b/c its making for some very long worrisome days for mommy!

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The Bird Family said...

Madelyn is doing the same thing (she is also at stepping stones by the way!). She cries every morning but then does not want to leave in the afternoon - I hope they get over this phase soon is hard on Mommy!