Saturday, September 26, 2009

A New Do!

Since Lane has hit the big ONE EIGHT...months that is....and with a little bit of daddy urging, we decided that it was the day to leave babyhood and enter boyhood.....yes, we took Lane to get his very first hair cut!! Here was how it went down!

Lane waiting patiently playing a game.

This is the do! It was more or less just a bunch of frizzy hair in the back!

Sitting in the fun car chair!

Putting on the cover.

Spraying him down! He thought it was cold.

Combing his hair...."Hey lady, what are you doing?"

The first cut!! Big moment!

Just watching! Lane did so good!

So handsome!

Now for the tricky part...his ears...we had to bribe him a little with a sucker, and it did the trick! He sat completly still!

And handsome BIG BOY with his new do!!! He looks so old here!
(Front View)
Back View
I am so impressed at how good he did! He officially looks like a toddler!


Kyle and Marci said...

He is SO CUTE!!! I love his new haircut and he DOES look like a little boy for sure!

Brittany Stokes said...

He is so handsome!!! No more baby curls:( But I am glad the frizz is gone!!!

Vanessa said...

Lane look precious with his new hair cut.

Kensie said...

LOVE the new do!! It looks like he did awesome too! SO cute!