Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Thoughts

What a rainy weekend it has been! I love having these types of weekends every now and then...perfect to hang out inside and do nothing!! Well nothing is a bit of a stretch, but ya know what I'm saying!
I thought I'd share some recent pics of the house! It's definitely coming along and right now our closing date is set for October 19th! Let's hope it stays because we have to be out of our house by the 26th! We drove out Friday evening to take a look!
They poured our drive way and walk way.

As far as the outside goes, they still need to paint the garage door, stain our front door, put in the yard, and then the sprinkler system...and that should do it for the outside! They started outlining for the fence, and I think that should be going up tomorrow or Tuesday!
It was evening when we went so hardly any light was coming some of these pics are dark. But here is our master bath! This is my sink area...Paul's is on the other wall!
Here is the media room...there are two colums on the other side as well.
Our kitchen!! I love how everything turned out in here!
And this is the dining area off the kitchen!
Moving on, since we are t-minus 3 weeks to move in, we thought we needed to get started on some packing. We got most of Levi's room and are closet packed....these two however are going to make packing a little hard!
For dinner tonight we had this awesome potato soup. It was super easy to make and very very good!! (The pic is from her blog)
This is a completly random picture, but tonight as I was walking down the hall to our bedroom, I passed the boys bathroom and saw this.....
It was quite hilarious!! Not sure why he needed to pull down his captain america costume to brush his teeth but he did!! Oh the things this child does!! Silly boy!!!
Today would have been Halloween decorating day, however, this year with moving I'm not getting to decorate...and I am BUMMED about it. I love decorating for Halloween and I feel very non festive without stuff everywhere!! Oh well....we will still be doing all our normal Halloween outings to keep in the spirit!
Levi is sick yet again. Last night his temp reached 104.6! I know...scary! Everything checked out at the doc today...ears, throat, lungs...he said it looks like upper respitory junk. Poor baby...he has been pretty cranky and sad all day. I swear I feel like we can't win this year. Every two weeks one of the boys has been sick, or I have, and taking off work is becoming routine! Luckily daddy is pulling sick duty tomorrow!
Looking ahead to the week I am excited about....
*Amazing Race starting back up
*Giuliana & Bill starting...I love that show
*My mom coming in Saturday
*Christmas in Cowtown...super excited about this..never to early for craft fairs!!
*It's the last week of the first six weeks!! Only five more to go...not bad when you put it that way, ha!
What are you excited for this week?!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Birthday & Balloons

After Lane's t-ball game on Saturday, we headed over to McKinney for a birthday party! They had a face painter and a balloon artist there for the kiddos and Lane loved them both! We may or may not have to book them for Lane's party!
Of course he chose Spiderman!!
And got a balloon sword!
Lane and the birthday girl, Ryleigh!
I've been known before to pack alot into some days...and Saturday was one of those days! After the game and then the party, we headed over to Plano to go to the Balloon Festival. I've always wanted to go and it finally worked out. We just took Lane with us, and thank goodness we did because we walked forever! It was really neat though to see the hot air balloons up close! They are massive! Lane wanted desperately to ride in one, and if they would have let us, Lane and I would have been off...waving at daddy below because someone by the name of daddy is afraid! 

So pretty!

It's seriously on my bucket list to ride in a hot air balloon! Next time!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Go Rangers!

This past Saturday Lane started his first T-Ball season! We decided to play in the rec league that will be our new "home league". And how crazy and appropriate is it that Lane's team is the Rangers! He is super excited and is enjoying playing! And it makes dressing in support pretty easy too!
We played the Red Sox Saturday.  I love these first couple of pictures because all the dads are out there helping their boys warm up! So sweet!

And then they found the fence! If one goes, they all go!
His first at bat.

Lane decided to slide into home his first time. It was hilarious and everyone was laughing!! He's been watching some serious Ranger baseball! 

These next few are just some sweet shots of my boy. Paul took all these and I love them!

Another at bat.

After a quick three innings, the game was over!

This little man needed some of bubba's water after running around!!
Looking forward to a fun season of Ranger T-Ball!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lazy Weekend Days

It's definitely been awhile since I have blogged last! Life has been pretty chill lately! Our weeks have been fast and furious as always and our weekends have been pretty low key since. T-Ball is about to start with our first game next weekend, so our weekends will be back to crazy as well!
School is going good all around!! This past week Levi has gotten a great report every day and Thursday and Friday he didn't even cry at drop off...yea!! I just can't seem to keep us all well. It's been three weeks back, and Lane, Levi and myself have all been sick and I've already had to take off two days...gee!!! Oh well I guess that's life!
This weekend was rainy and lazy. Friday night we enjoyed dinner and the nice Fall weather in the school year if we are not at football games we are usually in Southlake Friday's just our little thing! We love it.
After a full day of hanging in jammies Saturday, Lane had his second birthday party of the month and then we had some family over to watch the Texas game...and we won!!
And today we again hung out in our jammies all day long!! It was very nice! We ran out to grab dinner this evening and on our way back saw this...

I don't think I have ever seen a full rainbow...the whole arch and everything! It was crazy and very bright and intense! I ran in and grabbed my camera to snap some was pretty neat!
So that's it. Our not so exciting weekend, ha!
Fingers crossed no one gets sick this week!!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend Happenings

We have had a great four day weekend!! After being sick last Wednesday thru Saturday morning-ish, Lane was all better and feeling fine! I already mentioned I had to stay at home with him Friday. I got so much done that day! I cleaned the whole house, did laundry, and even squeezed in a blog post!
Saturday we played around the house some and then went to lunch. On our way home we stopped by the house to check it out...we heard that the cabinets were delivered and wanted to see them! The house looks great and is really starting to come along inside!! I love it and can't wait for it to be done!!

Saturday night we had some family over for the opening Longhorn game! Lots of pizza, drinks, fun, and even a win!! I can't believe I didn't snap a pic of the boys in their UT gear! Next time!
Late Sunday afternoon, we decided to go out to Six Flags for a few hours because Lane had some free tickets with his season pass, good for only this weekend. So we thought why not! We let Lane bring his friend Titus along as well!
Lane loved having his friend there!

They are almost too big for the baby swings!

Lane is my fearless child and he LOVES the parachute! Sadly though they are about to tear it down. Lane is pretty devastated by this so he made sure to ride it one last time! He even got daddy on it!
We stopped for dinner and the boys dined on some shakes!

Paul bought them some super capes! How cute are they!!
Cooling down a bit! Everytime they saw these they had to run through them!
Riding the bat wings. Paul and I rode behind them and got some cute shots!!
Love this of them having fun!

Bouncy Boots
We ended the night on the log ride! We all four rode together and the boys loved it! Levi chilled at great nanas while we were there!
Today we just hung out all day together...mostly out and about trying to find some things for the new house!! So fun! We had a great long weekend.....and have a busy week ahead of us!!