Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Thoughts

What a rainy weekend it has been! I love having these types of weekends every now and then...perfect to hang out inside and do nothing!! Well nothing is a bit of a stretch, but ya know what I'm saying!
I thought I'd share some recent pics of the house! It's definitely coming along and right now our closing date is set for October 19th! Let's hope it stays because we have to be out of our house by the 26th! We drove out Friday evening to take a look!
They poured our drive way and walk way.

As far as the outside goes, they still need to paint the garage door, stain our front door, put in the yard, and then the sprinkler system...and that should do it for the outside! They started outlining for the fence, and I think that should be going up tomorrow or Tuesday!
It was evening when we went so hardly any light was coming some of these pics are dark. But here is our master bath! This is my sink area...Paul's is on the other wall!
Here is the media room...there are two colums on the other side as well.
Our kitchen!! I love how everything turned out in here!
And this is the dining area off the kitchen!
Moving on, since we are t-minus 3 weeks to move in, we thought we needed to get started on some packing. We got most of Levi's room and are closet packed....these two however are going to make packing a little hard!
For dinner tonight we had this awesome potato soup. It was super easy to make and very very good!! (The pic is from her blog)
This is a completly random picture, but tonight as I was walking down the hall to our bedroom, I passed the boys bathroom and saw this.....
It was quite hilarious!! Not sure why he needed to pull down his captain america costume to brush his teeth but he did!! Oh the things this child does!! Silly boy!!!
Today would have been Halloween decorating day, however, this year with moving I'm not getting to decorate...and I am BUMMED about it. I love decorating for Halloween and I feel very non festive without stuff everywhere!! Oh well....we will still be doing all our normal Halloween outings to keep in the spirit!
Levi is sick yet again. Last night his temp reached 104.6! I know...scary! Everything checked out at the doc today...ears, throat, lungs...he said it looks like upper respitory junk. Poor baby...he has been pretty cranky and sad all day. I swear I feel like we can't win this year. Every two weeks one of the boys has been sick, or I have, and taking off work is becoming routine! Luckily daddy is pulling sick duty tomorrow!
Looking ahead to the week I am excited about....
*Amazing Race starting back up
*Giuliana & Bill starting...I love that show
*My mom coming in Saturday
*Christmas in Cowtown...super excited about this..never to early for craft fairs!!
*It's the last week of the first six weeks!! Only five more to go...not bad when you put it that way, ha!
What are you excited for this week?!

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Katherine said...

Beautiful new house! I like your vent hood or whatever it's called. We have a downdraft one and it does not work very well. Trying to figure out if we can install one that's over our range.