Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend Happenings

We have had a great four day weekend!! After being sick last Wednesday thru Saturday morning-ish, Lane was all better and feeling fine! I already mentioned I had to stay at home with him Friday. I got so much done that day! I cleaned the whole house, did laundry, and even squeezed in a blog post!
Saturday we played around the house some and then went to lunch. On our way home we stopped by the house to check it out...we heard that the cabinets were delivered and wanted to see them! The house looks great and is really starting to come along inside!! I love it and can't wait for it to be done!!

Saturday night we had some family over for the opening Longhorn game! Lots of pizza, drinks, fun, and even a win!! I can't believe I didn't snap a pic of the boys in their UT gear! Next time!
Late Sunday afternoon, we decided to go out to Six Flags for a few hours because Lane had some free tickets with his season pass, good for only this weekend. So we thought why not! We let Lane bring his friend Titus along as well!
Lane loved having his friend there!

They are almost too big for the baby swings!

Lane is my fearless child and he LOVES the parachute! Sadly though they are about to tear it down. Lane is pretty devastated by this so he made sure to ride it one last time! He even got daddy on it!
We stopped for dinner and the boys dined on some shakes!

Paul bought them some super capes! How cute are they!!
Cooling down a bit! Everytime they saw these they had to run through them!
Riding the bat wings. Paul and I rode behind them and got some cute shots!!
Love this of them having fun!

Bouncy Boots
We ended the night on the log ride! We all four rode together and the boys loved it! Levi chilled at great nanas while we were there!
Today we just hung out all day together...mostly out and about trying to find some things for the new house!! So fun! We had a great long weekend.....and have a busy week ahead of us!! 

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