Friday, August 31, 2012

Levi Austin: 16 Months

Today I am home with Lane...not a week into school and I have to use a day! I didn't even have my sub plans put together!!! Oh well...that's life as a working mom with kids!!
On Wednesday, Levi turned 16 months old!!! I realized I haven't done a update on him since he turned one so I thought it was time. Levi has changed so much in the last four months. So here it goes!
You are a hot MESS!!! For starters you are in to everything, and I mean everything!! You are constantly wanting to be held, which makes getting anything done almost impossible! You have entered the whiny phase, which I clearly remember with Lane. I wanted to pull my hair out daily, but as with each phase it did phase, so I know it will with you too!
You are a eating machine! You will just about eat anything I give you. You love fruit. So far you eat ...strawberries, pineapple, Mandarin oranges, grapes, peaches, bananas, and apples. You also love your breakfast bars (so did Lane), cheese, smoothie drinks, veggies, crackers, I mean the list could really go on and on! I hope you keep up this good eating business!!
Lately you have become very aware of the Wii, our iphones, and ipad! No kidding! You think you know how to play each of them and you try so hard! Scary actually know exactly where the Disney Jr. app and the bowling app are at on the ipad. Those are your favorite! You love to mimic your brother when he is playing the Wii! It's pretty funny to watch!
You are beginning to talk alot! You can say and understand: hi, bye, mommy, daddy, bubba, milk, please, more, blue, baseball. You can understand simple directions like: lets go bye bye, go get your shoes, bath time, follow me, go to your room, and night night.
Your personality is really forming! You love to dance when you hear music. You are very stubborn and when we get on to you, you just stare at us and give us this look like "what mom". It makes getting on to you both frustrating and hilarious at the same time!
Your first week back to school was a little rough! Partly because you were a little under the weather. The last couple of days though, I have gotten a great report!! You have been finger painting, taking buggy rides, and even playing with shaving cream at school! Bless his teachers...they are very brave!! I think with time you will love school!
Levi, you certainly are a hand full, but we love you to pieces! You make me smile and laugh every single day!! I love watching you grow and discover new things! I love watching you and Lane develop a relationship and play together...and I love catching those sweet moments were y'all are being sweet together, like looking back in the car and seeing y'all holding hands!
Happy 16 months! Love you sweet bubba!!

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