Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Indoor Soccer: Avenger Style

This post is long overdue but needs to make it on the blog!! Back in July we decided to sign Lane up for indoor soccer! He needed some activity for sure! We knew it would be fun when the first email the coach sent said they were going to be the Avengers!! Lane was pumped about his team name!! It was the perfect "light" season for the summer! Lane had a great time and actually liked it more than regular because it was non-stop action!! He did awesome all season....I think he probably had about 25 to 30 goals on the season!! Paul and I are so proud of the little athlete that he is! It's funny to say but, at four, he just has this drive in him and he loves to play and compete!! We have never had a struggle with him in any sport with going to practices or games...he just loves to play!!
Anyway we had fun watching him and it definitely was a great summer activity!
This was him on game #1
His sweet team w/ Coach Byron
In action

The Avengers

Lane on the last game day

So cute!! Lane, Braden, and Jaren...and funny enough...Braden and his family are going to be our new neighbors!! They are building on the lot literally right across the street from us!

Proud parents!!

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