Monday, August 6, 2012

GA Trip: Stone Mountain

Paul's grandparents live in Stone Mountain, GA. Which is literally a big stone mountain right in the middle of the city. At the base of it is a little amusement park, and at night they do a pretty cool laser show right on the side of the mountain. Everybody sits on the lawn, and it's pretty fun!
Some of our group have never been so we decided to take the boys! Me, Paul, Lane, Holly, Charlie, Coen, Andy, and Priscilla all went to Outback for dinner and then headed to the show! Paul's dad and Cindy kept the babies for us!!

I love this pic of Lane! He thought it was pretty cool!

Andy ( Paul's bro) and Priscilla


The Cantus

The Confederate Soldiers are etched on the side

Uncle Charlie bought the boys light up toys!

We had a fun night and he boys enjoyed the show! Paul took me here 10 years ago and now we were able to take our son!! Crazy how things change! Maybe in 10 more Levi can make it!


Jennie said...

Glad y'all had fun! Such a fun place. If you're hanging out in Atlanta anytime on your next roadtrip to GA, you should let me know! :)

Tara said...

Jennie...I know... Next time for sure!!! This one was way too fast!!