Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Countdown Begins!

I can't believe it's August already!! Time is flying by. I have about 8 posts that are ready and waiting, however, I wanted to post this one today since we are starting it today! School is right around the corner and I needed something to get Lane ready! Transitioning back to school is always kinda rough, so I need to start throwing that word around alot in the next few weeks! I saw this precious countdown idea on Pinterest and knew that would be fun!
I took it a step further and wrote something on each link...something school related to practice and brush up on to get him ready for Pre-K!!!

Here are all the little things we are going to practice!! They range from just singing the ABC's to reviewing each letter sound and writing them!! I'll be honest and say we haven't done a whole lot of school work this summer, so this hopefully will help!

I put the links together and viola...we have an official "Back to School Countdown"! I'm not to thrilled and anxious about going back myself, but I figure I need to  pump it up for Lane man!!

And I picked up this cute little Spiderman writing workbook at DG!! Perfect for him to practice in! And no I did not make him put his Spiderman costume on to match...that just happened to be his costume of choice last night, ha!!

As many times as I can throw around the school word in the next couple of weeks the better!! And here's to making Lane ready and prepared to go back!! Oh and I figure once Levi hits Pre-K he will get his own countdown bus!!!

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Kyle and Marci said...

Oh my goodness!! You're so creative...naturally, you're a teacher :)